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The Rogue Queen

You're seeking The Rogue Queen, personal craft of Annu, a Balla queen of a planet destroyed during the Mohilar war. You've been given a rich contract to catch her because there are two things that make her particularly notable: she's breathtakingly, soul-renderingly gorgeous, and unlike the emotion-suppressing balla, she's a sociopath who has weaponized her appearance and emotion.

Bring her Majesty back alive.

Good luck.

Event Details

  • Oct 27, 2020 on Discord
  • Players
    • Marius Vega (Randy), Human Stratco/Operations Officer
    • Vedek (PK), Tavak Pilot/Mapper
    • Tkk-Chk (Paul S.), Kch-Thk Gunner/Security Officer
    • Calamity Yinn (Morgan), Human Hailer/Cultural Officer


We will be playing Ashen Stars and using the X card for safety.

Species cheat sheet

Game notes

No one can remember the Mohilar, what they look like, etc. Our brains can't hold onto the information. Combine has reached out back to the Bleed, our worlds. A lot of discussion about how that can happen.

Queen Annu, of a planet destroyed by the Mohilar. She is using her great beauty as a weapon. Bring her back alive. If she is brought back dead there will be civil war.

Her starship the *Rebel Queen*. A streamlined winnibego.

We set a trap to pull the Rebel Queen out of the warp highways. We disable their ship with awesome piloting! We take their faster ship to the destination.

It turns out we brought the Rebel Queen with us. She takes control of all the delegates and we fight our way inside. We successfully take her out and get the bounty.