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The Wilding


Please include at least [[Category:Wild]] on ALL pages within the set, including talk pages and images. Keep category tags at the top. Other categories used:


I like pages treed with forward slashes (breadcrumbs are good). If, after each wikilink, you add a pipe (|), it will whack off the namespace in the text and thusly look better.

Example: [[Wild:World|]] creates this World.

Templates should include the relevant category tags (at least [[Category:Wild]]).

Try not to create orphaned pages -- pages without links leading to them. Also, try to create back links when breadcrumbs aren't available (logsheets, for example). Remember that the root page needs to have content for breadcrumbs to function. For example, Wild:PC/TacoNinja/Foo will not have breadcrumbs until the Wild:PC page has content.


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