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Royal Pride of Musketeers

Spark. Whoosh. BOOM. And like that the reign of the Sorcier came to a close thanks to the Gunpowder Revolution. No longer are the people oppressed by the powerful few wizards and their apprentices. People and wizards alike are ruled by representatives in the Republic. Knowledge is shared instead of hoarded. It is the start of a worldwide age of enlightenment.

That was 20 years ago. The Sorcier have pushed back, hard, against the age of reason. You are a Lion in the service to the Royal Pride of Musketeers. Your job is to serve the Republic by responding to the threats of the tenacious Sorcier.

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Members of the Pride Player Characters

Comm Ehsan Transparent.png

Former Duskshot Archer for the Order of Wurud


Guardian of the Revolution


Master of the Hunt


Firebreathing Dragonkin


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