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If a thing happens and it is forgotten, does it still matter? If a crime is committed and the criminal is remembered as the victim, who has suffered? Is the greater crime against the flesh of another, or their memory? Is memory all that we have? Is it all that matters? Is there a truth, an existence outside of, superior to, memory?


Welcome to Ludhumus, a sprawling continent with only two countries, Pravudens and Stultabon. Briefly, Stultabon is a resource-rich land, temperate, and abundant. A quick look at the features of Pravudens will convince you that it is not similarly blessed. The two countries are currently locked in a war, the major front being the Frost Circle. Many unusual happenings prevent the war from escalating along their "sea border," and I'll give you all more intuition about why once we are at the table.

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