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This campaign will use the Fate Core ruleset and be run as though it were a television show.


Brewed Awakening is a cinematic campaign of magic in the modern world and is heavily influenced by the book series The Dresden Files and the television shows Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural. Consider the phrase "Dirty Harry Potter" "Buffyverse meets Community".

Each character is one of the main cast of Brewed Awakening and has had their life somehow touched by the supernatural. This exposure runs the gamut from the good, a fae blessing, to the bad, surviving a werewolf attack. You are the actor that plays this role.

The centerpiece of the series is the occult coffee shop Brewed Awakening in Allegheny City. The shop is known in supernatural circles to have a reasonable library and a great cuppa joe and resides on the campus of Western University of Pennsylvania.


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