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Madame Charlotte’s flashy confidant and bouncer


Smooth-talking Con Artist


Career criminal looking for a side to pick


Gun-toting Preacher


  1. Train Heist
  2. The Devil in the Mirror
  3. Eastbound
  4. The Sting of Truth


  • Madame Charlotte
  • Valentina Ruiz
  • Devil in the Mask
  • Audrey
  • Senator Deacon Atticus Barber
  • Zenner Jackson
  • Elizabeth Harrington (no relation)


Giant Cactus General Store

Has a Giant Cactus growing in behind the store.

Junipher's family runs the place. She and 3 children. They are all Dryads.

If you take the free samples, you are indebted to Junipher.


Hugger is an old lady who gets in everyone's business and is overly friendly.

Hell's Gate

"Hell's Gate is just out of town. It used to be the passage out West - a natural stone archway stretching across the walls of a tall, thin canyon. Legends say you can see the devil sitting on that arch when the moon is full, but those are just tall tales."

  • (Some guy at the bar)*
  • (His friend pipes up)*
  • "Don't believe a word he says! I met the devil once out there - he was all dressed in red. He asked me to deliver a letter for him, said he'd make me rich."*
  • (You ask if he took him up on his offer)*
  • "Do I look rich to you?"*

Shimmering Pint Saloon

In the middle of town is the Shimmering Pint Saloon, named after its signature drink. If anyone knows what's happening in town, it's the saloon girls. Especially **Martha Thompson**, who controls a flock of doves that serve as her eyes from afar. One of the regulars is **Jack Sickelman**, a gambler who always seems to win when he needs to.

Barber Surgeon

Stephen Todd is the local barber-surgeon. He cuts hair, shaves faces, bleeds the ill, the usual. Who knows what he does with the blood….

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