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A page to organize our Wednesday night games.



Fate, run by Daryl

Blades prelim cover.jpg

Run by Jason

Monster of the week.jpg

Run by Mallory

Everyone is John.jpg

Run by Randy


Run by Remy

Voyage of the Golden Dragon.png

Run by Randy (D&D 3.5)

A Haunting at Foxcroft Manor.jpg

Run by Mallory (D&D 5e)


Run by Remy

Band of Blades.jpg

Run by Randy

Return to Camp Death.jpg

Run by Everyone!


Run by Remy

Save the Date.png

Run by Randy


Run by Remy

Touring Rock Band.jpg

Run by Everyone!

Business Wizards.jpg

Run by Daryl

Over the Edge RPG.jpg

Run by Daryl


Facilitated by Randy

Bluebeards bride.jpg

Facilitated by Mallory


Facilitated by Randy


Facilitated by Remy


Facilitated by Randy


Facilitated by Randy

Cretaceous place.png

Facilitated by Daryl


Facilitated by Everyone

List of ideas for games to play

Fate Sets

  • ✅ Straight Western FATE (Remy)
  • Worlds of Adventure
  • Mahou Shoujou, aka Magical Girls and Very Anime™ FATE (Mallory)


  • The Warren
  • City of Mist
  • Masks (Superheroes)
  • Night Witches (designed for rotating GMs or one-shots)
  • Monster of the Week
    • Concept (Run by Mallory): A group of childhood friends go on a beach vacation on their last summer together before all splitting off for college or whatever their future entails in the late 80s. The first few days have been a few fun filled days in the sun, but something is amiss when the group in the next house over doesn't show up for the nightly bonfire. It's up to you and your friends to figure out what's happened to them, and by extension, the mystery developing in the small beach town of Sunnyvale. Intention is 1-3 sessions.
    • ✅ Concept (Run by Mallory): You are a member of an elite order of monster hunters known simply as "The Assembly". Set in turn of the century Victorian Era London 10 years after the Jack the Ripper killings. A string of killings eerily mirroring the Ripper murders has begun and your order has been tasked with bringing the murderer to justice by the Queen herself. Intention is 3-5 session.
  • BRINDLEWOOD BAY is a PbtA roleplaying game about a group of elderly women—members of the local Murder Mavens mystery book club—who frequently find themselves investigating (and solving!) real-life murder mysteries. They become increasingly aware that there are supernatural forces that connect the cases they are working on and, in particular, a cult dedicated to the dark, monstrous aspect of the goddess Persephone will come to vex them. The game is directly inspired by the television show Murder, She Wrote but also takes inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, “cozy” crime dramas, and American TV shows from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.

GM-less games

✅ Microscope
Protocol Fantasy Omnibus, A Guide to GMless Gaming
This book is many things. It is a toolbox for better gaming. It is an introductory document for people who’ve never played a GMless game before. Or who are having trouble making the transition into GMless games. What it cannot be is a replacement for you and your imagination.
This book contains the following protocol games, focused on fantasy storytelling: Back to the Grave*, Black Dragon Inn, Clockwork Girl, Damascus, Deep Country*, The Desperation of Atlantis*, The Doom King, Drown the Pig*, Five Broken Swords, The Goblin, Highland Clearances, Home, Home II: March of the Damned*, House of Keys*, Lady Winter, The Oxbow*, Scions of the Last Age*, Svázany Rukojemníkov, and Valpurgis Night*. Games marked with an asterisk (*) are only presently available in this book, but will eventually be released separately.
✅ For the Queen
For the Queen is a card-based story-building game that you and up to five other players can begin playing in minutes. Choose your queen from among fourteen gorgeously varied illustrations—or start from scratch—and use the prompt cards to collaboratively tell a story of love, betrayal, doubt, and devotion.
Old Friends
Old Friends is a freeform live-action ghost story by Jason Morningstar and Ole Peder Giæver designed for 4-6 players, with no GM. Playtime 3-4 hours.
"Back in the ‘90’s you hunted ghosts together. You used an ancient technique that reliably bridged two worlds, and you put a lot of souls to rest. Like any team you were a mess of individual flaws, contradictions and rivalry, but it worked. It worked until Sara died. And now, here you are, 20 years later. The past has brought you back together. Together for that one last job."

Fiasco Sets

Forged in the Dark

  • Blades in the Dark
  • Band of Blades
  • Scum and Villany
  • Wicked Ones
  • Copperhead County
  • Agon


  • ✅✅ Everyone is John
  • Bubblegum
  • ✅Kids on Bikes
  • Busty Barbarian Bimbos
  • 5e one shots and small games
    • ✅ Concept (run by Mallory): A murder-mystery/horror game set in the Forgotten Realms (for backdrop only). Will involve a manor and spooky stuff happening inside. Level 7 or 8. Intention is 1-2 sessions.
    • Concept (run by Mallory): A thrilling heist by night set in Tal'Dorei (specifically Wildemount/Whitestone) involving some artifacts and NPCs from Critical Role campaign 1. No background on the series necessary as you'll be playing characters who have no idea about the history of Vox Machina. Will involve puzzles, traps, social encounters, and active heist planning. Combat will be involved, but is not the focus. Some character creation restraints as this will be a stealth/heist focused group. Level 5 or 6. Intention is to be 2-3 sessions long.
  • Starfinder (but only because group knows d20 systems well)
  • Torchbearer
  • Nemesis
  • Lady Blackbird
  • Powder Mage (Savage Worlds)


The palette is a list of things that we'd like or not like in the series of short games that we play.

Things that we want in games

  • Easy to learn rules or systems that are already known by the group.

Things that we don't want

  • Games that run more than ~4 sessions.
  • Rules systems that are complex to learn and not known by the group, relative to the time to be spent with it (e.g. Savage Worlds, etc.)

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