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IK:Gertens and Blackhands Negotiate

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  Attendance: Randy, Michael, Jen

A few hours to kill

Caitlyn: As we waited for the appointed hour, each of us spent our time as we usually do; I attempted to have a nice lunch with Alistair but the brave man spent his time praying for the poor souls of Corvis; Tirotin lectured his lackey on how great he was; Wydecheck sequestered himself away, to do what I know not; and Orca petted rocks.

Guarding Nancy

Caitlyn: We meet Nancy Gertens at her estate at the appointed time and are surprised to find that her husband is nowhere to be seen. When Orca innocently inquired, Nancy's response of "He will meet us there" had a tone of finality.

While we traveled—I got to ride inside the carraige!—my dear Tolmek spotted with those sharp eyes of his a shiny person following us. Nancy blew a whistle that made no sound in response and the shadow discovered that there were dire rats waiting for him!

Into the Sewers

Caitlyn: When we arrived at the open sewer entrance there was an elderly man with crutches, alone and waiting for us. I kindly introduced myself to him and he confirmed that he was Nancy's husband. The group of us escorted the Gertens into the sewer where we waited for Dornin of the Blackhands to arrive.

After a short wait he arrived and we continued on our way, Orca scouting ahead for traps. Here is where, dear reader, I must write an aside. I would just like to state that as much as I grew to like Dook, I find Orca's presence infinitely more tolerable. Orca doesn't swear, isn't rude, and seems to be just as talented at finding traps as Dook.

Eventually Orca finds a trap that she cannot disarm. She gathers Wydecheck and he cannot see it. Eventually it is determined to be a phantom trap. Movement is spotted up ahead and everyone is on alert.

Gathering our forces, Alistair insists that Tirotin and his lesser stay and guard the Gertens and Dornin. Alistair casts Daylight upon himself, making him look the part of the brave hero that he is, and strides forth demanding that whoever is present reveal themselves. We are set upon by brigands and a crafty illusionist who attempted to create a tentacled monster that was completely unconvincing, except to poor Orca who fought it bravely.


  • Blunderbuss, shoddy (x7) [350 gp]
  • Heavy Pick (x7) [28 gp]
  • Leather Armor styled for Griffons (x7) [52.5 gp]
  • Smoke Grenades (x7) [claimed by Wydecheck]
  • Flash Grenades (x6) [claimed by Wydecheck]
  • Incendary Grenades (x6) [claimed by Wydecheck]
  • Explosive Grenades (x4) [claimed by Wydecheck]

Total: 430.5 gp 86.1 per share (Caitlyn, Wydecheck, Orca, Tirotin), 43.05 per half share (Slush, T the lesser)


Caitlyn: Once we are at the appointed spot, we sit outside the entrances and wait until things are settled. About halfway through the proceedings Dornin, by sheer force of personality, incites a heart attack in the Don of the Gertens. Nonplussed, Nancy continues the negotiations. ...