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Jamison Volate - Hexblade 4

EXP: 9800 Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Deity: Morrow/Ascendent: Markus

Str 17 Dex 12 Con 13 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 14

HP: 32

BAB: 4 AC: 15 Touch: 11 Flat Footed: 14

Grapple: +7

Init: 1

Fort: 3 or 5 Reflex: 3 or 5 Will: 4 or 6

(+2 vs spells & spell like abilities)

Weapon Focus (Greatsword), Power Attack, Cleave,

Daryl Feats: Dash

Skills: (Total Mod, then ranks) Bluff: 7 (5 ranks) Concentration: 5 (4 ranks) Craft: Weaponsmithing: 1 (1 rank) Diplomacy: 9 (5 ranks, 2 synergy) Intimidate: 5 (3 ranks) Knowledge: Arcana: 1 (1 rank) Ride: 2 (1 rank) Spellcraft: 1 (1 rank)

Bonus Skill Points: Spot: 1 Rank (2 CC SP) Speak Language: 1 Rank (2 CC skill points)

Spells: Known: 2 first level Per Day: 1 First Level

Spells Known: Expeditious Retreat and Phantom Threat.

The Bunny Familiar (Unnamed, no you may not name him fluffy.)

4 HD (Effective)

3 Str 15 Dex 10 Con 6 Int 12 Wis 7 Cha

16 HP AC 15 Touch 14 FF 11

Grapple: -8

Init: As Jamison (+2, but does it really matter?)

Fort: 2 Reflex: 4 Will: 5

Attacks: Claws: (2) +8 1d2-4 Damage Bite: (Secondary) +3 1d3-4 damage

Bunny's Cuteness: 3/day (EX) Standard action to use. Enemy must make a will save vs 10 + 1/2 HD + Cha Modifier or be flat-footed for 1 round as he goes "Awwwww" at the cute bunny.

Just Kidding!!! Late April Fools!

Skills: Balance +10 Climb +6 Hide +14 Jump +10 Listen +3 Move Silently +6 Spot +3

Familiar abilities: Alertness, Improved Evasion, Share Spells, Empathic Link

Please Note that the language under the "Familiar" is worded in such a way that the Hexblade only takes the XP Penalty if he dismisses the familiar. Sorcerers and Wizards can eat their hearts out at that.

Back to Jamison:


Languages: Cygnaran, Mulgar (Gobber common tongue)

2x Starting Gold

Equipment: Masterwork Cleft Greatsword (+9 Melee, 2d6 +4 Damage, 18-20 x2) Warhammer (+7 Melee, 1d8 +4 or 1d8 +3, x3) Masterwork Chain Shirt (+4, Max Dex +4, Armor Check Penalty -1) Shortbow (Ranged +5, 1d6 x3) 14 Arrows, Backpack, Candles x2, Sunrods x2, Flint & Steel, Trail Rations x5, Whetstone, Silver Holy Symbol of Marcus, POTIONS: Protection from Evil(1), Shield of faith(1), CLW (1), Regular Greatsword,

Gold: 494.46 Description: Slim build, Auburn hair (Curly) with hazel eyes. (His father's eyes/hair, all of the rest of his looks come from his mother.) Jamison tends to be easygoing and takes most insults with a hearty laugh. He also fights as little as possible because his blade can kill enemies far too easily for his peace of mind. Jamison's relaxed exterior belies a man who has inherited his Mother's love of battle.

Backstory: Named after his late father, Jamison is the Second of a pair of twins. Upon his Sixteenth birthday. Jamison had the heartbreaking experience of watching His older brother Jason (Samurai2) Inherit their Late Father's swords (A samurai's daisho, or the equivalent thereof, if samurai clashes with the campaign setting). Seeking the swords which he felt he deserved, Jamison took to taking any blade in hand to challenge his brother for ownership of his father's blades.

Time after time, Jamison chose a new weapon to challenge his brother with, only to lose time and again, much to the amusement of his cousins. Even the awakening of Jamison's ability as a Hexblade (Inherited from his mother) could not overcome his brother's skill with his father's swords. Then one day, his mother, Talia Volate, brought home an immense Greatsword. In jest she dared any man in the village to take it in hand and wield it. She did not expect her son to be the one to accept her dare.

Jamison spent several months training with his new weapon, practicing daily with his aunt Maria and Herold the Monk. Upon completion of his training, Jamison challenged his brother again and promply humiliated him in the duel.

But Jamison did not keep his father's swords for long. He found they didn't feel right when he held them. They were too light and lacked the heft of the immense blade he'd taken from his mother. Jason thanked his brother for returning his father's blades, then asked for help getting to the infimary as several of his ribs had been cracked in the duel.

Now, More than two years later, Jamison has set out for adventure much as his mother and aunts did years ago.

Family: Mother: Talia Volate (Hexblade, town captain of the guard.)

Father: Jamison (Last name unknown, Deceased husband to Talia.)

Aunt: Althea Volate (Wizard, resident source of mysterious explosions and leader of the town's very small school of arcane studies. Not many students there, yet.)

Uncle: Lukas Aran (Mysterious wandering arcane caster, father to Althyrra. Very rarely in town but always arrives to a warm welcome when he shows up.)

Cousin: Althyrra Volate (Only child/Daughter of Althea, Arcane Mechanic and the pride of her mother.)

Aunt: Maria Volate (Paladin/Anointed Knight, Town's leader, for lack of anyone else who'd accept the job.)

Uncle, by marraige: Bryce Carrick (Husband to Maria, former soldier, second in command of the town guard.

Cousin: Drake Volate (Son/first child to Maria, Cleric in training.)

Cousin: Tatiana Volate (Second child to Maria, Gunmage)

Cousin: Tiffany "Tiff" Volate (Third child to Maria, Wizard in training, seems obsessed with force spells.)

No relation: Herold (Gobber Monk, trainer for the town guard.)

Town size approximately 500 people (And Growing): Has a reputation for being the first town to send someone to seek out bandits and other sources of trouble. Which makes sense considering that Althea, Talia, Maria, Jamison Sr and Herold all adventured together years ago, with their friend Syrrus the "Silver Bard" (AKA, Syrrus the Silver Dragon in the original campaign).

Just to note, Althea, Talia and Maria were the three PCs I created for my first campaign. Herold and Jamison were NPCs. The sisters started their own town after all was said and done in that campaign. And there were jokes made at the end of that campaign because there were 3 spellcasting women running a town in Kalamar. (Low magic Campaign.)