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  Attendance: Randy, James, Michael, Jen

Rewarded by Deliterious

Caitlyn: For solving his clockroach problem, Deliterious was generous enough to give us each a collection of potions. He also told us of a secret passage through the sewers from the Church to the University. (Remember, the University is currently taken by the bad guys.)

New Window

Caitlyn: We arrive at the location that Nancy had provided us, and we find that it is a rather nice safehouse that is unfortunately way too close to the city walls. A new window is in the building, made by a canonball that is still sitting on the floor, waiting to explode!

Tirotin made soup

Caitlyn: And it wasn't half bad!


Caitlyn: Since we're staying in a safehouse, we were startled when we heard a knock on the door. Alistair, brave and powerful man who he is, answered the door to find Mateo. Mateo was sent by Nancy to deliver two notes—one to the party and the other addressed solely to Tirotin.

Letter to the party

The letter to the party was an invitation to the funeral of the Don. This is to remain a secret.

Letter to Tirotin

The letter to Tirotin was the confirmation of the Mage Duel that was to happen between him and Rodgert! As exciting as that was, it was unfortunate that Tirotin used his real name considering that we were wanted by the Skorn of the city. ::sigh::

Mage Duel

Caitlyn: In preparation for the mage duel, everyone is given free pastries that a tad on the dry side but otherwise good. Caitlyn is asked to oversee the illusionary battlefield(s) for the event.

The show starts off with a good laugh, as Tirotin needs assistance even getting into the ring. The battle is furious and titillating until Tirotin is finally brought down by the great Rodgert. Unfortunately the judges seemed to have been half blind and awarded Tirotin more than enough points to win the fight.

Authorities Show Up

Caitlyn: Shortly after the trophy is awarded to Tirotin, a group of authorities show up and begin attacking us...