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Renard LeFlambeur Refresh 3


High Concept: Audacious Duelist
Trouble: Offended the Paradis Family
Aspect: Laissez Faire
Aspect: I Will Prove Myself to the Pride
Aspect: Legacy of the Revolution

Game Aspect: Is this the end of the Revolution?
Game Aspect: Zusdarad the Bullfire is coming to destroy Lisway


  • +4 Shoot
  • +3 Athletics; Provoke
  • +2 Deceive; Physique; Rapport; Weapons
  • +1 Will; Need to choose 5 more skills

Stunts and Extras

Let's Duel
1/session call out an opponent in a conflict and have them fight you one on one.
Always Armed (WIP, Wealth and Favors)
You can spend a point of wealth and favors to have a hidden weapon somewhere that was missed during searches.

Stress and Consequences

Physical 1 2 3
Mental 1 2 3
Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty
Extreme 8 empty, may only be used between major milestones and REPLACES one of your current aspects.


Wealth and Favors

You may check off a Wealth and Favor box to help solve a situation where money or connections could help. You gain a +2 bonus or a reroll to your roll. In some situations, these boxes may be used to absorb stress, if it makes narrative sense. Additionally, some extraordinary Resources rolls may require the use of this box.

To clear a checked box you will either have to return a favor or find additional wealth. This may be as simple as an Overcome roll of +4 for each box (rolled separately). It may require finding treasure in a monster's lair to replenish your wealth or be a plot point in the narrative as you do a favor for someone you owe.