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Former Captain of the whole Royal Pride of Musketeers

  • Known to attend socialite parties
  • Has a secret with Rosalie, which turned out to be that she and him, with others, defeated the Sorcier's dragon but hadn't killed it.
  • Ordered that Iosif's office be cleared out (but the orders were forged[?] to be done earlier than desired)
  • Is getting treatment, secretly, for cancerous tumors on his neck.
  • Attempted to use Renior Olivier to reinforce the magics on the Sorcier's Dragon by sacrificing the lives of nine prisoners.
    • For this, he was convicted of treason. In honor of his service to the revolution, he was exiled instead of sentenced to death.
  • Upon his exile, he took up an offer by Lady Belitrova Popov to join the Red Wolf Brigade as a lieutenant colonel
  • Was kidnapped by the Red Wolf Brigade and given to the Stag Lady as a gift for allowing Condrol's army to go through the High Horn Pass.
  • Died on the road back to Lisway.
    • Gave Ildefons an envelope with notes and a cake knife