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RPM:Worshipful Company of Mercers

Motto: Gloria in populo (Glory to the People)

Description: The Mercers are a collection of smaller scale merchant businesses, banded together for their own common economic good.

RPM:Worshipful Company of Firefighters

Motto: De vita et membris in salutem (Life and limb in safety)

Description: The Firefighters focus on safety for the general populace. As expected, they fight fires, but they also encourage public safety. In recent years they have absorbed the charter from the Hospitaleers and are focused on investing in modern medicine.

RPM:Worshipful Company of Salters

Motto: Sal Sapit Omnia (Salt Savors All)

Description: The Salters are one of the most powerful guilds in the nation of Arkstone, as they are the ones who control the manufacture of gunpowder. The original focus of the guild was on chemistry, and this remains, though it is secondary to gunpowder.

RPM:Worshipful Company of Basketweavers

Motto: Si diligamus invicem (Let Us Love One Another)

Description: The Basketmakers create and build shipping containers, from small baskets to large containers that are boarded onto sea vessels. They also control a large portion of the shipping business directly.

RPM:Worshipful Company of Vintners

Motto: In vino veritas (In wine, truth)

Description: The Vintners are prosperous wine merchants. They make efficient use of the connections that selling fine wine offers them with the upper class.

RPM:Trade Federation

Motto: Expidere! (a pun, in that the word is both the root for "expedite", which is what the Trade Federation does, as well as literally meaning "freeing the feet from chains", and as such, many workers have adopted iconography along the latter lines)

Description: A cartel that organizes private shippers, both overland and by sea, within Arkstone. They own their own fleets and caravans, but will also hire private contractors as needed.

RPM:Seamstresses Guild

Motto: None.

Description: Mending clothing, and more discreet services.

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