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Amarsayhan Jovan


I am the only being with dragon lineage that is somehow tied to beings called gemlings.

File:Icon-GreatWyrm.svg (Positive) | File:Icon-GreatWyrm.svg (Positive) | File:Icon-TheThree.svg(Negative) | File:Icon-Archmage.svg(Complicated)

Sorceress 3
Human 'Gemling' Female
Abilities Str 10 0 | Dex 10 0 | Con 14 2 | Int 12 1 | Wis 14 2 | Cha 18 4
Initiative: 3 (Dex + Level)

Quick to Fight (Racial Power)
At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.


HP: 40 ([6+Con]*5) Staggered: 20
Recoveries: 8 (3d6[10]+Con[2]), 12 average

AC: 18 (10 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis [2/0/2] + Level + 2[spell fist] +1[scales])
Physical Defense: 15 (11 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex [0/2/0] + Level +1[cloak])
Mental Defense: 15 (10 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha [1/2/4] + Level)
Disengage: +0

Basic Attacks

Melee Attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +3 vs. AC
Hit: 3d8 + 0
Miss: 3
Melee Attack
Target: One enemy
Attack: +3 vs. AC
Hit: 3d4 + 0
Miss: 3
Ranged Attack
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: +3 vs. AC
Hit: 3d4 + 0

Class Features

Access to Wizardry

Starting at 3rd level, you can take a wizard spell in place of a sorcerer spell. The wizard spell must be two levels lower than the sorcerer spell.

Breath Weapon

Spells with the breath weapon keyword have a chance to be re-used during battle. Each breath weapon spell lists the chance of re-using it (usually 16+). At the start of each round after you’ve cast the breath weapon spell, make the re-use roll. Success indicates that you may re-use that spell as a standard action, but for that round only. If you fail the re-use roll, you don’t have the option to re-use the spell, but you get another chance at the beginning of the next round.

The breath weapon power lasts for a single battle only.

You can have only one breath weapon spell active at a time. If you cast a different breath weapon spell when you have an earlier spell active, the new spell cancels the earlier spell. (See the Chromatic Destroyer Heritage talent for the path to multiple breath weapon spells.)

Failing a death save cancels any breath weapon spells you have active.


When you attack with a chain spell and get a natural even roll, you can roll another attack against a different enemy within range. Keep on rolling attacks as long as you get even rolls and don’t run out of new targets. Each enemy can be targeted only once.

Dancing Lights

All sorcerers can cast the dancing lights spell as a standard action. Unlike the wizard’s light cantrip, the sorcerer’s dancing lights spell produces a number of varicolored light globes that bloom within 5 to 30 feet of the sorcerer every two to five seconds. The sorcerer has very little control over the exact location or illumination provided by the lights, meaning that they can occasionally be used for dramatic plot purposes.

Gather Power

Once initiative has been rolled and a battle is underway, a sorcerer can spend a standard action to gather magical power, preparing themselves for casting a double-strength spell with their next standard action. Gathering power is loud and very noticeable.

Sorcerers who want to gather power before initiative has been rolled can go through the motions but won’t get any benefit from the act.

When a sorcerer gathers power, it does not count as casting a spell; you can gather power without taking opportunity attacks.

In addition, because you spend your standard action to gather power, you generate a small magical benefit. Like many of your powers, this benefit is chaotic rather than perfectly reliable, so you must make a random check to see what benefit you get. Roll a d6 and consult the appropriate table below.

If you get a benefit that deals damage to enemies, you can choose the type of damage (cold, fire, lightning, or thunder).

Roll (d6) Effect
1-2 You gain a +1 bonus to AC until the start of your next turn
3-4 Deal 3 damage to all nearby staggered enemies
5-6 Deal 3 damage to one nearby enemy

After you have gathered power, you can use your next standard action to cast an empowered sorcerer spell. Empowered sorcerer spells deal double the damage of a normal sorcerer spell. This means that you double the damage results of the hit or a miss from the single spell. Non-attack spells generally don’t improve when cast empowered; use empowered casting for attacks.

If you do not or are not able to use your next standard action to cast a sorcerer attack spell, you lose the power you’ve gathered. You can use another standard action to gather power again, but the spell you eventually cast will still only do double damage.

You can spend your move actions and quick actions any way you like after you gather power and before casting your next empowered spell. Yes, once a battle has started it’s possible to perform the magical firefight trick of gathering power while hiding to the side of the cave entrance, then jumping into the cave opening on your next turn and blasting with the empowered spell.

Breath weapon spells add an extra wrinkle. Of course you can gather power the first time you cast a breath weapon spell in a battle. Later in the fight it’s a question of whether you gathered power the turn before a breath weapon spell roll goes your way. You can be all ready with gathered power but roll too low to use the breath weapon spell, forcing you to cast a different spell with the gathered power.

If you’ve gathered power for a spell that deals ongoing damage, the ongoing damage is doubled the first time it is dealt, but not on subsequent rounds, if any.

Random Energy

Some sorcerer spells deal damage of a random type. If it matters for the situation, use a d4 to determine which type of damage the spell deals.

Roll (d4) Energy Effect
1 Cold
2 Fire
3 Lightning
4 Thunder

Class Talents

Blood Link

Choose one of your sorcerous heritage talents. You gain 1 relationship point with the icon associated with that heritage; you choose whether the point is positive, conflicted, or negative. This point can add to your normal relationship points but you can’t exceed the normal relationship maximums with it. (Remember that positive relationships with villainous icons are limited to 1 point.)

Metallic Protector Heritage

Your rolls to re-use breath weapon spells during a fight gain a +2 bonus.

Spell Fist

Your style of sorcery emphasizes close-range fighting. There are two advantages and one possible drawback to your style.

You gain a +2 bonus to AC.

You can use ranged spells while engaged with enemies without taking opportunity attacks.

You use your Constitution modifier instead of your Charisma modifier to determine the damage you add to all your sorcerer spells.


Lightning Fork (Spell): Adventurer

Once per battle, you can reroll one of your lightning fork attacks rolls.

Precise Shot (General): Adventurer

When your ranged attack targets an enemy who is engaged with an ally, you have no chance of hitting that ally.

Prowess of the Brass Wyrm (Spell): Adventurer

You may affect an additional target with this spell.

Ritual Casting (General): Adventurer

You can cast any spells you know as rituals.


At Will

Burning Hands
Close-quarters Spell
Target: One enemy who is not taking ongoing damage
Attack: +8 vs. PD
Hit: 1d6 + 3 fire damage
Scorching Ray
Ranged Spell
Effect: If attack roll hits and is even, the target also takes 1d8 ongoing fire damage
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: +8 vs. PD
Hit: 1d6 + 3 fire damage
Miss: 3 fire damage


Lightning Fork
Ranged Spell
Recharge: 16+
Effect: Chain spell
Target: One nearby enemy
Attack: +8 vs. PD
Hit: 7d6 + 3 lightning damage
Miss: Half Damage
Special: Once per battle, you can reroll one of your lightning fork attack rolls
Prowess of the Brass Wyrm
Ranged Spell
Recharge: 16+
Effect: Gain +1 to AC, PD, MD, and for to-hit rolls and damage with weapons
Target: 2 targets. Self and/or nearby ally
Close-quarters Spell
Free action
Recharge: 16+
Effect: The attacker must reroll the attack. You gain +2 to AC. You must accept the new result.
Target: Self; when an attack hits your AC.


Breath of the Green
Close-quarters Spell
Recharge: 14+
Effect: Breath Weapon
Target: 1d4 nearby enemies in a group
Attack: +8 vs. PD
Hit: 15 + 3 ongoing poison damage
Miss: 5 ongoing poison damage
Charm Person
Ranged Spell
Target: One nearby creature with 40 hp or fewer
Attack: +5 vs. MD
Hit: The target believes you are their friend until you or your allies take hostile action against them. (Attacking their normal allies is okay.) If you or your allies attack the target or order the target to attack its normal allies, the target can roll a normal save to break the charm effect during its turn each round.
Special: On a miss, the spell is not detectible by most others unless you miss by 4+ or roll a natural 1, in which case the target and its allies knows what you tried to do and will usually be angry about it.
Eyes of the Hoard
Ranged Spell
Effect: You are able to see and hear through the coin the spell is cast on. Duration depends on the valuation of the coin.
Target: 3d4 coins in your position


Statistic Bonus
STR +3
CON +5
DEX +3
INT +4
WIS +5
CHA +7
Actress +3
Before Amsah was born, her parents were elite socialites. But because of her "deformity", the elite circles began referring to her as "lizard girl". This shamed her parents and they decided to move far away and change their names. They could do nothing to hide their daughter's abnormalities so they used it to their advantage by telling everyone that she was a descendant of the metallic dragons of old. At the time, they weren't sure why she looked like she did. No one in her family had any of these traits. But it made a great story. A man who was traveling through the area saw Amsah and wanted to make her famous. He had some pull at the studios and knew they were looking for a fresh idea for a new show. So he pitched the idea to her parents and, due to their extreme desire to return to their former life, they agreed to give Amsah over to the studios and they would receive a portion of her earnings. No one remembered much about the old stories except for the fact that the dragons protected them and so Amsah was portrayed as a child hero who would protect the innocent and fight for good. Her show ran for 10 years. At 16, Amsah developed a profound drug problem that couldn't be overlooked anymore and she was let go. Her parents has little to do with her after she was given to the studios but were paid handsomely for her success.
Background history
Dragon Shaman +2
While on a drug bender a few years after being kicked off the show, Amsah was wandering aimlessly in some town she didn't even know the name of in search of her next score. She stumbled right onto the heels of a very large, finely dressed, hooded figure. This figure was adorned by scarves and jewelry with intricate designs in silver, gold and platinum. The robes were white with a opalescent quality to them and were so long that they dragged on the floor. The figure looked at Amsah and audibly gasped. They waved their hand over her head and she passed out cold.

When she came to, she was in a room with similar decor as to what the figure was wearing. There was weird writing on the walls and a large symbol of the outline of a dragon head in gold. Around it, was writing that Amsah could not read. There was an elf woman standing over her. She felt no effects of the drugs, no hangover, no urges, just peace. She was clean and her clothes had been replaced by white robes made of the finest cloth. The elf woman told her she was at the Temple of Divine Radiance. Here they honor, study and train in the ways of all the metallic dragons. They combining this knowledge and power to fight evil. They are an extremely selective group and keep to the shadows. If anyone has heard of them, they only hear rumors. The Shamans of the temple find the people they want, people do NOT find them. The Elf introduced herself as Kuliza, one of 4 elders. Kuliza said that they were looking for her ever since she got kicked off her show. They knew she belonged with them and they wanted to train her. Amsah at first didn't understand but Kuliza said they recognized the horns and the eyes as an indicator that she was of draconic heritage and she needed to be here. She was free to leave if she wanted but they would very much like to train her. Amsah having no where to go and feeling better than she had in ages decided to stay and learn the ways of the metallic dragons including their magic. Amsah never knew she was a sorceress and had a natural penchant for magic. The Dragon Shamans helped her discover and harness that magic. The Shamans made money by offering their "services" to very powerful people who paid them a lot of money. They were also very talented clothing and jewelry makers, selling their wears under the pseudo name of Metallica. There were roughly 30 people in the Temple while she was there; 4 elders, several teachers/masters, a few warriors that protect the temple and 8 students of which Amsah was 1. Her days were long but rewarding. She never even thought about drugs. One day, one of the masters brought a "special guest" to the Temple, Malentine, a former student who had moved off into the world. Malentine saw Amsah and was drawn to her. They became close friends while she was there. Before she left she told Amsah to come find her when she was finished with her training and gave her a large purple flower. She told her to put the flower in some dirt and Malentine would know where she was.


86 Gold Piece

Typical Arms

  • Spear
  • Daggers ×3

True Magic Items

Gown of Poison Protection
Body. '
Resist Poison 11+
A gown composed of black dragon scales
Ebony Cloak of the Raven
Mantle. Likes playing minor tricks and pranks
Recharge: 16+
+1 PD
You may subtract 1 from the natural roll of one of your attacks
A long cloak lined with black raven feathers with a midnight blue interior
Wand of the Mage's Invisible Aegis
Weapon. Hums tunelessly
Recharge: 16+
+1 attack and damage with spells
When you use this wand, you can cast the wizard’s shield spell, with a level no higher than your level
A crystal wand with a basket hilt made of blue ribbons


Adventurers Healing Potion ×1
Use on self or other as a standard action
Spend a recovery and heal an additional 1d8 HP
Maximum healing of 30 HP
Casting Fetish +2 ×2
Gain +2 to attack and damage with a spell
Casting Fetish +3 ×1
Gain +3 to attack and damage with a spell
Disguise Self Potion
This spell provides you with an effective magical disguise that lasts about ten minutes, making the skill check to avoid unmasking one step easier: easy if it would have been a normal task, normal if it would have been a hard task, and hard if it would have been a ridiculously hard task. The spell only affects your general appearance, not your size. It can be used to hide your features behind the generic features of another person or race. Using it to impersonate a specific creature makes it less effective as a disguise (-2 to -5 penalty).
9th level scroll


  • Woolen Blanket (+1 saves vs cold)
  • Very nice clothes
    • Adventurers clothing
    • Gowns

Story Bonuses

Reis's Experimentations
+1 AC
Ull's Bargain

Extra References

Character Sheet
Powers Sheet
Chakra of the Pearl