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Building Characters

Book.xlsx shared on FB group.

Group Building

How are the players grouped together?
Periodically, part of the Emperor's administration "randomly" selects citizens to take on projects to improve their citizenship (or face additional taxes). This is quite "random", and certainly doesn't target people who are "meh" about the Emperor. Anyway, this party was assigned a task, got along well, and completed the task. They decided, "Hey, we did good. Let's make a living at it." And that's where they are now, a newly-formed group of this happenstance. They managed to edge their way in with the university structure, getting jobs to schlep around for bigger names.
Does the party have a home base? Does it rove?
The party has a home base, but it does change it irregularly, sort of like a circus with a slow schedule.
Did you meet all at once, or over time? Who's the newest? Are there ex-members?
There are former-members that didn't join up with the group or shortly after "incorporation". There are also prospective members, though not too many.

The Current Scenario

Where is the party?
coming around the bend to see a city you're scheduled to teach at and... crater
What does the party just acquire?
a book in a language no one understands but it glows when opened
How did they come into possession of it?
found in a lost and found bin
Whose is it? (Whether the party knows this or not)
party member dead relative
What are you supposed to do with it? (Eric answering.)
decipher it
And just why haven't you yet? (Remy)
agents of the Great Gold Wyrm have told you that you shouldn't
And why ELSE haven't you done it yet? (Mallory)
it should be in a library for everyone
the book's subject is different every week
How's it going to end?
it's going to end in a horrible bloodbath


Who's it going to help in the end?
  • Remy: prince of shadows
  • Kevin: lich king
  • Eric: the three
  • Mallory: elf queen
  • Randy: eric's character?
Who's it going to harm in the end?
  • Remy: kevin's character
  • Kevin: kevin's character
  • Eric: whoever reads it
  • Mallory: elf queen
  • Randy: elf queen

Icon Relationship Dice

I plan generally to roll these at the end for the next time than at the start. I can't improve THAT well. Sixes: