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  • "I am the tallest gnome in the world. No, really -- taller than most dwarves."
  • He's awkwardly tall and gangly, and self conscious about it.
  • He's a senior wizard at the same conservatory Qistis studies/studied. He was actually one of her peers until she got stuck in her studies, though a few years older. He actually doesn't take his position very seriously and loves to crack jokes to relieve any kind of tension and hates confrontation. (Qistis hates his lackadaisical attitude to his position but deals with it because she has to. And I'm getting some Stephen Merchant vibes now from this guy.)
  • Is a perfectionist ... when working on a project. Keeps everything neat, tidy, logged, and in just the right place. But when he isn't working on a project his life is in disarray. The perfectionism breaks down and he goes full on slob.
  • He also has false teeth.
  • He is often heeled by his wife. If you really want something done, you find a way to get her to push him to do it. There has been more than one occasion where a mission got dropped due to (usually falsely perceived) wants from her. She is generally kind and likes to play the role of a mother hen.