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13A:PC/Annalana/Play 2 Notes

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Raw notes

Love: Adds her own blood to a ritual to close a portal. We take the body of an Imp to sell as a cadaver.

As we travel forward to the Crusader's camp and lightning strikes the ground, which is unheard of due to wards in the Dragon Empire. The hellmouth opened under a ward.

There is a graveyard in our path and some want to go around. There are sounds, scratching, from inside.

  • Used acorn from Elf Queen.
  • There was a Sahugin Necromancer with sahugin ghouls, human ghouls, and skeletal hounds.
  • Annalana was viciously attacked by a ghoul and hound, she spent a recovery
  • Used Basic Tactical Strike to have Kaelon (Nate) reroll and Just Stay Calm to heal Steinar (Eric) when he was dying.
  • Once free from combatants Annalana surveys the combat.
  • Elistheren (Remy) finished the last skeletal hound.

The necromancer was a coral tipped staff. We find that he had broken into the one tomb with components that he raised them to fight. We found him as they were still charging up and weak. They were not connected to the imp.

After the battle a small oak tree started to grow where the undead were.

  • The dryad from the tree is now growing here. (Complication)

Approaching the Hellmouth

Heated voices arguing as we get close. Qistis doesn't want to proceed but everyone else is fine with proceeding.

Crusaders, Wizards robed folks (posturing with puffy chest, archmages).

  • "This spot is the archmage's territory".
  • Annalana talks with teh Crusaders to calm them down, pacing them as soldiers
  • Elistheren talks with the Gold Wyrm people, horribly. Gets a sock in his mouth.
  • Qistis talks with the Archmage people, who remind her that she is a sorceror, not a wizard.

We manage to get them all to talk together. By noon, everyone but the Archmage's people will disperse.

At noon, Elviro

He asks if we have any ideas about this town eaten by a hellhole. Qistis wishes to go to Horizon, but Elviro has another destination, Eldolan.

  • Part of it is on mesas and on those mesas are wizard towers. All the districts are walled off from each other.
  • There are 3 rival wizard schools with violence spilling out into the street.
  • Elviro asks for a week to pull up leads.

Qistis and Love go to the saddle to get journals and seek a library

  • Silver to get in
  • Lanterns line the street.
  • Love asks about the wizard schools. Eldritch masters (blue), Mythrils (dark gray), and Arcanists of the Hidden Vale (black).

Eslistheren and Kaelon go to the temple district

  • Esl seeking to convert folks to forgotten gods
  • Finds a small shrine to the god of adoption and amputation.

Steiner went to the Warrens to look for stories.

  • No wall between the warrens and the commons.

A few Days pass

  • Qistis tells them that Annalana is here to enroll with the Eldritch masters.
 * Big rituals that deal lots of damage
  • Mithril, artifice, touch and feel
  • Arcanists are stealth, illusion (Both Qistis and Annalana are interested.)

Meanwhile, Steiner keeps finding rats near the sewers (WOW, they have sewers!)

Love and Qistis, while in the library, there is a black elf there.

  • Get a bad feeling from this dude. Qistis feels that it wouldn't be pleasant if he noticed us.
 * We both have negative relationships with the Elf Queen.
 * We hide in the stacks to avoid his attention.
  • Elistheren is tracking rats; Kaelon is too; as is Steinar.
 * People of the warrens notice. Old lady asks them what they are doing.
 Roll 5 Archmage.