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13A:PC/Annalana/Play 4 Notes

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Raw notes

Six silver shields meet us as we exit the sewers. They were told of an assault in the marketplace.

 - We will be logged as temp deputies to not be taken in as vigilantes.
 - Nominal cost

A New Mission—Bag and Grab

We are met by a man with a mustache wider than his face. He is talking with Elviro. Mallory's PC knows him and wants to ignore him. Larto (name) on behalf of the archmage.

- He did hear about the slime mages. - The Archmage is looking for someone to do an errand.

 - Archmage has lost somoene who worked for him.
 - Inigo Sharpe is the person. Famous architect, inventor, magician, seer. Until recently thought to be dead.
   - Larger than life.
   - Imperverious to divination
   - Works magic into metal
   - Prior to ... worked with either Lich King or Orc Lord.
 - Mallory determines that he has done work for all icons, except maybe the lich king.
 - Serial project starter, moving ot the next icon
   - Never finished a project.
 - Had a falling out with his last patron, rumored to be dead.
 - Known to have a contempuous personality. Known to generally be a good person.
 - An imp revealed that Inigo was still alive.
 - Larto has bad news. There is a spy in "our order" working for the Lich King. They are also searching for him.
 - Larto has stuff to help us. Gives Remy a hat. True magic item. 1/day and pull out your hearts content.
   - Annalana given a set of Studded Leather (Elven) bejeweled. Ew. +1 Armor. Flatulence.
   - Qistis (sandals), always shifting your stance.
   - Eric (cloak of hiding from undead, makes folks mistake him for dead)
   - 3 Healing potions

Inigo had a friendship with iterant magician Fiiiiiriiiigigin. Archmage contact in city of Newport

Travel by Sea

Gamblers are after us. We travel too close to shore to lose them through rocks. As we are in Santa Cora and as the return bell rings, Annalana and Nate are lost. Nate climbs up the largest building (Cathedral) and we get to the boat just in time.

New Port, more draconics, some kobolds and goblins (but not too many). Egalitarian for monster races.

Silver Cove

We have no problem going to Silver Cove. Every house is perfectly white washed, population about 300 or so. Mix of human, elves, halflings, then others. There are some Druid followers here.

- Nate looks for lodging, Lucy is a widower and empty nester and has a couple of rooms for us to stay. - Mallory tries to find her own place to stay, finds a creepy old fisherman, and declines. - Local hangout is the taxidery house. Mounted Fish is an export.

 - Annalana talks with the fishermen. They react poorly.
 - "Same thing that we told squishy face. Island two miles east."
   - A man was asking about Firigin late last night. Severe face, like it was smashed in a vice. Lots of sellswords with him. Was intimidating.
 - The fishermen are turned off by the question.

Going to Firigin's island

There is a road leading out of town. There were 5-6 in the group with vice face. We see an island, about the size of a football field. The tide is low, making it accessible by walking (our boots get wet).

The island is about 150' diameter, not yuge. There is a round, domed building that is the primary residence. It has an observatory slit at the top. There is a small shack. We see a bunch of torches (the folks we're following) congregated.

They are servants of the Lich King. The smell of clove cigs. :-)

Nate fires a shot, Annalana Weighs the Odds, gets attacked. The bad guy wizard throws a pillar of flame at Nate. We take them out. (Nate gets the killing blow on the spellcaster leader).


Annalana tries to intimidate him. Steiner (Eric) goes around back and see Firigin rowing away. Steiner offers him money and beckons for him to come back for a private chat.

Steiner gets on the boat with him while Qistis calls from shore.

- Last dealings that he had with Sharpe was a job where Sharpe left with the valuables while Firigin barely made it out intact. - Sharpe is bold, clever, and defiant. His bravery is boundless, as is his stupidity. - Always has an escape plan or four. - He has been trying for a long time to distance himself from Sharpe.

Nate breaks into the dome. Watercolor, astromony, and dental magic.

- Qistis is searching for a book and finds something interesting. - Annalana is searching bodies