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Annalana Love


Aka, Tabitha (a long time ago); Ma’Li’Ca (her dark elf disguise)

I am a prolific journaler for each sunrise wipes my memories clean and my notebooks are my memories.

File:Icon-Archmage.svg (Conflicted) | File:Icon-DwarfKing.svg(Positive) | File:Icon-ElfQueen.svg(Negative)

Commander 4
Human Female
Abilities Str 17 3 | Dex 15 2 | Con 12 1 | Int 10 0 | Wis 10 0 | Cha 18 4
Init: 6 (Dex + Level)

Quick to Fight (Racial Power)
At the start of each battle, roll initiative twice and choose the result you want.


HP: 48 ([7+Con]*6)
Recoveries: 8 (4d8[18]+Con[1]), 19 average

AC: 18 (20 full HP) (12 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis [1/2/0] + Level + 2 magic at full HP)
Physical Defense: 17 (10 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex [3/1/2] + Level + 1 Cloak)
Mental Defense: 16 (12 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha [0/0/4] + Level)

Basic Attacks

Melee attack (At-Will)
Target: One enemy
Attack: +7 (Strength + Level) vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON (Shortsword 4d6 or Spear 4d8) + 3 Strength damage
Miss: 4 dmg (Damage equal to your level)

Ranged attack (At-Will)
Target: One enemy
Attack: 6 (Dexterity + Level) vs. AC
Hit: WEAPON (Shortbow, 4d6) + 2 Dexterity damage

Class Features

Command points: 1 point at the start of each battle.

Fight from the Front (+1d4 cmdr points on a melee hit)
When you hit with a commander melee attack during your turn, gain 1d3 command points.
[Feat] You now gain 1d4 command points when you hit with a melee attack during your turn instead of 1d3.
Weigh the Odds (Standard action)
Gain 1d4 command points.
[Feat] Once per day, add your Charisma modifier (4) to the number of command points you gain when you use this action.

Class Talents

Battle Captain
Once per battle when you have 2 or more command points left after giving a command, you can use another interrupt action on a different ally’s turn before the start of your next turn.
Destined to Lead
When you roll a 5 or 6 on an icon relationship die, you gain 2 bonus command points that last until the end of the current game session, no matter what events occur due to the advantage gained with that icon.
[Feat] You now gain the 2 bonus command points when you roll a 4 with an icon relationship die as well.
Into the Fray
At the start of each battle before you and your allies roll initiative, roll a d4. A number of your allies equal to the roll gain the following benefit of your choice: a +4 bonus to initiative that battle; OR a +2 bonus to AC until the end of the first round.

Commands and Tactics

Interrupts (Commander points)

Save Now! (Interrupt action, 1 command point)
Target—One nearby ally (on the ally’s turn)
Effect—The target can roll a save against a save ends effect.
Try Again (Interrupt action, 2 command points)
Target—One nearby ally that made an attack roll (on that ally’s turn)
Effect—The target can reroll the attack but must use the new result.
Get Out of There! (Interrupt action, 1 command point)
Target—One nearby ally (on the ally's turn)
Effect—The target can use a quick action this turn to pop free from one enemy.

Quick Actions

Basic Tactical Strike (Quick action, Recharge 11+ after battle)
Target—One nearby ally
Effect—The target can make a basic attack as a free action.
Just Stay Calm (Quick action, when the escalation die is 2+, Recharge 16+ after battle)
Effect—Decrease the escalation die by 1. Then 1d3 of your nearby allies can heal using a recovery.
Scramble (Quick action; Recharge 16+ after battle)
Effect—You and 1d3 nearby allies each can take a move action as a free action, starting with you and proceeding in the order of your choice.
Adventurer Feat—Disengage checks made using this free action gain a +5 bonus.
Swordwork (Free action when the escalation die is 3+, Recharge 16+, )
You can make a basic melee attack as a quick action once each turn until the end of the battle. You can’t gain command points from your Fight from the Front class feature using swordwork attacks.
[Feat] You can now use this tactic when the escalation die is 3+.


Thief +2
Was a member of the Salvation, a youth gang, after she ran away from home at age 12.
Academically Trained Soldier +2
Formally trained in Forge to be a soldier and strategist.
Battlefield Captain +1
Field promoted to Captain during the year-long Siege of the Deep, an attempt to gain ground from the Dark Elves.
Interrogator +1
Broke the spirits and bodies of tight-lipped dark elf captives for information.
Social Worker +2
Unable to help herself find her memories through dark actions, she is now trying to help the world in the hopes that karma kicks in.


405 Gold Piece

Chainmail Armor
Body. Unknown quirk
+2 AC when at full HP
Elven armor.
Body. ???
+1 PD
1/day become an illusionary version of the enemy (Drow) for duration of “a scene of some sort”.
Fine looking though plain cloak. Formerly had dwarven runes on it.
Dwarflaw Ring
Ring. Litigious
DWARF LAW (Standard action, Recharge 16+)
For the rest of the battle when you hit a foe, choose one—+2d8 psychic damage, -1 any defense, stones of the mountain reject them (treat as terrain stunt), Alcohol becomes poisonous to them, Curse of Beardlessness
Black iron ring


  • Physical Lean and neat with signs of a soldier's life. Shaved head.
  • Mannerisms Direct and efficient with movements
  • Personal Goals To ensure that others do not suffer needlessly.
  • Heuristic Think first, then act.
  • Religion Openly follows the Dwarven Pantheon while privately dismissing all gods.
  • Family/Origin/Etc Raised by dairy farmers who evaded taxes. She sold them out for 30 silver to fund her running away at age 12.
  • Catchphrase/Song/Etc Taps
  • Token A helmet forged of steel with the faceguard shaped like a beard.
  • Tattoo on her wrist that says "Read Journal First"