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PCs played by Wizardoest

  • Edvard Gilgamesh, a gnomish bard from 2e. My first PC. Aw.
  • Quentin Taratino, bladesinger who set the damage bar too high. First cheese weasel character. I loved Skills and Powers.
  • Ember, fiendish halfling rogue who learned that you don't double cross the party.
  • Talen Pringles, DMPC from the original Lone Rock City campaign who grew up from Jones' sidekick to evil king.
  • Shannon Harpell, the rain main of wizardry began his career as a 2e Song Mage. (Because people don't stutter when they sing.)
  • Benjamin Grimm, Pershalan (catfolk) pilot in Dragonstar with a love of conservative talk radio and cigars.
  • Lilly Starbucks, whip-wielding lesbian masochist diviner who served Ilmater dilligently.
  • Guinness Stonebreaker, high-level dwarven rogue with a crass attitude
  • BamBam Stonebreaker, mid-level masochist tank who is touched
  • Crystal Stonebreaker, low-level dwarven cheerleader who once talked her way out of a combat
  • Eberk Stonebreaker, very low-level divine servant of Wee Jas the goddess of magic and DEATH
  • Amelie Val'Dellonov, noble-born psion with entitlement issues and Melandil, her indentured servant and expert with a bow
  • Caitlyn Viscario, a homemaker and illusionist who harbors an embarrassing secret. (Iron Kingdoms campaign)
  • Nardu Miri-miri, traditionalist druid in space
  • Nathaniel Winter, storyteller and undead craftsman
  • TskTsk, thri-kreen thrill seeker
  • Dario Nardozzi, womanizing paladin of the vineyard
  • Joseph Padalecki, out of touch spirit master spy