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Mounts and Vehicles out of Combat

Carts have an overland movement of 2mph [16mpd]. Carts etc have a weight listing. Carts etc make no note of ability to bear load.

Carriage 100gp 600 lb
Cart 15gp 200 lb
Chariot, riding 75 gp 250 lb
Chariot, riding (Fine) 200 gp 275 lb
Chariot, riding (Elaborate) 400 gp 300 lb
Chariot, war 150 gp 350 lb
Chariot, war (Commander’s) 300 gp 375 lb
Coach, ornamental 7000 gp 750 lb
Coach, war 1500 gp 1000 lb

Mounts and Vehicles in Combat

Ref material: Explorer's Guide p35 for use of vehicle as terrain difficulty.

  • Coach, war
These heavy wagons are constructed of sturdy wood. Metal plates are attached to all surfaces for protection. Usually used to transport important persons or cargo, the occupants of a war coach are completely covered and protected by their metal shell. Armored slits are positioned around the wagon; these may be locked open or closed by any passenger within. Anyone inside the wagon gains the benefit of total cover and concealment, but suffers a –8 circumstance penalty to Spot checks due to the restricted field of view. Some wealthy individuals who fear for their safety when traveling will have war coaches crafted that include all the amenities one would expect from the finest carriage in town. These coaches are sometimes lavishly furnished on the interior, often holding exotic silk-upholstered furniture and other costly comfort items to accommodate up to four passengers in fine style. When used to transport cargo, on the other hand, the interior is often garrisoned by up to ten seasoned troops equipped with deadly weaponry. A team of at least six heavily-barded horses usually pulls a war coach, and the driver is all but immune to attack from his armored position inside the wagon. When transporting particularly important or sensitive persons, the driver’s section of the wagon can be partitioned off, and in extreme circumstances, the coach can even be reconfigured to have the driver positioned outside the wagon (though of course he loses the benefit of the coach’s armored plates in this case).
  • Chariot
These small carts have been in wide use for many years in the Coryani Empire. Currently they are falling into disfavor, though many nobles and warriors still possess and use them on a regular basis. Riding in a chariot is very different than riding a horse. Whenever a Ride check would normally be required, a person in a chariot must make a Balance check instead. If the driver of the chariot has 5 or more ranks in Ride or Handle Animal, he gains a +2 synergy bonus on these checks. A rider may benefit from synergy bonuses from both skills. There are two basic types of chariot available.
  • Chariot, riding: This two-wheeled transportation device holds one person (and his personal gear) standing upright on a platform that is surrounded by a small semi-circle of wood and cloth. Sometimes these chariots are highly decorated or elaborately fashioned. Some are trimmed in exotic and costly metals, and some are made to resemble fierce beasts or creatures of legend. However, they all share common traits. They all hold a single rider, they are all pulled by one or more horses, and they all provide the rider with a +2 cover bonus to his armor class. The rider is not considered to be “behind cover” as described in Core Rulebook I, however.
  • Chariot, war: This two-wheeled transportation device holds up to three people (and their personal gear) standing upright on a platform that is surrounded by a small semi-circle of wood and metal. Sometimes these chariots are constructed of exotic materials or decorated for specific families, individuals, or military units. These chariots hold up to three riders, and are usually pulled by a trio of horses. War chariots provide all riders with a +4 cover bonus to their armor class, and they are considered to be “behind cover” as described in Core Rulebook I. All melee attacks made by the riders against opponents on the ground gain a +1 bonus to hit for being on “higher ground.” The commander’s version of the war chariot has seats mounted on the riding deck, thereby granting the riders a +10 circumstance bonus to all Balance checks. However, the seats take up room and require the entire structure to be reinforced, so the chariot costs more and weighs more. Only two persons may ride in

a commander’s version of the war chariot. All other characteristics are identical to the standard war chariot.

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