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Brand-Dwarven slave

  • Little is known of the Deneki, other than that they were forced into slavery by the Sorcerer King of Ymandragore." The only foot note given to Enclave Deneki in the history of Onara and all the concerns the other Enclaves felt toward their cousins the Deneki. No one speaks of the forced mining the dwarves perform for their dread master. No one speaks of the Shard Shapers that chip away a dwarf’s soul shard to gain magical effects. The Isle of Tears does not begin to describe the screams from the tortured spirits of the Deneki.
  • Brand was being used thus when his masters decided that a Val sorcerer’s spirit might infuse more energy and create a more pure shard. The Deneki spirit would not be broke and instead the Val’s spirit was consumed by the soul shard awaking the gifts of Brand. During a rest period for the Ymandragore experimenters Brand used his newly awaken gifts of his soul shard to make good his escape. He hid on one of the smuggling ships the Ymandragorans used for shipping to the pirate isles. There he snuck his way to mainland seeking aid and a way to build his power so he can return within 10 years and free his enclave. Brand will seek a new name that will instill fear into his enemies and is hoping to find the order of the Hawk and Shield to gain allies against Ymandragore.