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Diantha val'Emman
Ardent 4 (ECL 4)
Race: Val (val'Emman) - Western Marches
Alignment: CN | Size: M
Patron Deity: Nier
Abilities Str 13 +1 | Dex 14 +2 | Con 14 +2 | Int 12 +1 | Wis 16 +3 | Cha 10 +0 | BR 1 | PP 28


AC: 19(21) / Touch: 12, Flatfooted: 17(19)
(+2 Dex; +7 Armor; [+2 Darkwood Heavy Shield])

HP: 29 Bloodied 14 / HD: 4d6+8+4

Initiative: +2 / Speed: 20'

Fort: 3 / Reflex: 3 / Will: 6


  • MW Cold Iron Morningstar +5 / 1d8+2 / 20x2 / pb / cold iron
  • Light Crossbow +5 / 1d8+3 / 19-20x2 / p / 80 ft.

Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft. Base Attack: +3


  • 1st: Psionic Body (PHB, p92)
    Benefit: When you take this feat, you gain 2 hit points for each psionic feat you have (including this one). Whenever you take a new psionic feat, you gain 2 more hit points.
  • 3rd: Psionic Talent (RoE, p110)
    Benefit: When you take this feat for the first time, you gain 2 power points.


Strength 12 +1
  • Athletics (2 ranks)
Climb +3
Jump +3
Swim +3
Intelligence 12 +1
  • Inspect (0 ranks)
Appraise +1
Search +1
  • Linguistics (0 ranks)
Decipher Script +1
Forgery +1
  • Mechanics (0 ranks)
Disable Device +1
Open Locks +1
  • Spellcraft (0 ranks)
Psicraft +1
Spellcraft +1
  • Knowledge
Nobility +2 (+1 ranks)
Psionics +3 (+2 ranks)
Religion +2 (+1 ranks)
Languages: High Coryani, Low Coryani, Altharin
Dexterity 14 +2
  • Acrobatics (0 ranks)
Balance +2
Tumble +2
  • Legerdemain (0 ranks)
Escape Artist +2
Sleight of Hand +2
  • Stealth (0 ranks)
Hide +2
Move Silently +2
Wisdom 16 +3
  • Heal +4 (1 ranks)
  • Notice (3 ranks)
Listen +6
Spot +6
Gather Information +4
Sense Motive +4
  • Survival (0 ranks)
Survival +3
Use Rope +3
Constitution 14 +2
  • Concentration (7 ranks)
Autohypnosis +9
Concentration +9
Charisma 10 +0
  • Animals (0 ranks)
Handle Animal +0
Ride +0(+1)
  • Deception (1 ranks)
Bluff +1
Disguise +1
  • Influence (3 ranks)
Diplomacy +3(+1 diplomacy with citizens; +2 with commoners; ±X with other Val)
Intimidate +3
Use Magic Device +0
Use Psionic Device +0

Special Abilities


  • Obligations of Rank: The Val bloodlines were created by the Gods with the express purpose of having these “super humans” lead humanity into a Golden Age. Val are expected to take on quests because it’s the right thing to do, not for monetary gain. The protection of humanity is a matter of honor and duty, although the assisted party may give a “token” of their appreciation.
  • Naturally Psionic: Val gain a number of bonus power points equal to their bloodrank. These bonus PP cannot be accessed (and effectively do not exist for any purpose) until the Val is psionically awakened. There are only three ways for a Val to become awakened: taking at least one level in a psionic base class that grants a manifester level, gaining a Val bloodline power that represents a psi-like (Ps) ability, or gaining the Wild Talent feat. (Note that in the LIVING ARCANIS campaign, the Wild Talent feat is restricted and cannot be taken without campaign documentation, and that none of the Val bloodline powers in the Player’s Guide are psi-like.) A Val that has not been awakened does not have a power point reserve, is not considered a psionic creature, and cannot access the “bonus” PP granted by the racial ability. A non-awakened Val cannot take feats with the [Psionic] subtype and is not able to spend power points for any purpose (such as activating deep crystal weapons). Val are a small percentage of the total population of the Known Lands, and psionically awakened Val are a small percentage of the population of Val.
  • Rank and Station: When dealing with commoners, Val gain a +2 circumstance bonus to all Diplomacy checks. When dealing with other Val, this bonus (or penalty) is equal to the difference in the Val’s blood rank. For example, if Lord val’Assanté with a bloodrank of 6 were using Diplomacy against Lord val’Tensen with a bloodrank of 9, Lord val’Assanté would receive a -3 penalty to his skill check.
  • Bloodline (1): Coursing through the veins of all Val is the blood of Valinor, celestial servants of the Gods. Each family so blessed holds a small portion of that God’s power. This legacy is, in turn, passed down through the generations. Val are never of mixed blood; they are either of one bloodline or another. If Val of differing bloodlines were to have children, their offspring would favor the legacy of only one of their Valinor ancestors. For example, a Val may be born to a mixed marriage between a val’Borda father and a val’Mehan mother. However, even though the offspring would take the father’s name, it is still possible to carry the val’Mehan powers and appearance. With any other genetically compatible race, a Val will always give birth to another Val.
To Know the Sight of Our Lord (Su): Wherever there is life, there is heat. The children of Nier can sense the energies burning within all beings, allowing them to see where normal Val cannot. The Val gains darkvision with a range of 30 feet.


  • Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The Ardent is proficient with all simple weapons , with all types of armor (heavy, medium, and light), and with shields (except tower shields).
  • Mantles
    Similar to Cleric Domains. The first two mantles an Ardent selects are her primary mantles. All others gained are secondary mantles. An Ardent must maintain at least as many powers in her primary mantles as she takes her secondary mantles.
    • Life: If you can expend your psionic focus as a swift action as you manifest a power from this mantle, your manifester level for this power is considered 1 higher (thus increasing the number of power points you can spend on manifesting the power, among other benefits.)
    • Energy: You can expend your psionic focus to gain resistance 5 against one energy type for a number of rounds equal to 3 + your Wis modifier. At 10th level, you gain energy resistance 10 instead.
    • Mental: For the purpose of determining bonus power points for the class that gives you this mantle, treat your Wisdom score as 2 points higher than its actual value.