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Warning - As writ this build is wholely illegal past 11th level.
What I mean by this is twofold:
  • 1) Although Many Blades Many Methods can change what weapon WF is applied to; it wouldn't change the weapon for qualifying purposes. In short, none of the maneuvers would apply except to the Kio Sword.
  • 2) Many Blades Many Methods changes at such a slow rate it decreases the fun of being able pull out odd combos of weapons. As point 1, no weapon/maneuver combos.
  • Resolution: Gain no mechanical benefit from WF in exchange for fixing the above two problems? Might require other balancing measures.
  • Notes: The alternate features of Hit & Run Tactics from DotU:58, Distracting Attack from PHB2:55, and Champion of the Wild


International Flurry

ECL Class/Level Feats Special Notes
1 Altherian Urban Sentinel 1 Pureblood Kio{PGtA}, Quick Draw Favored Enemy, Exotic Wpn (Rifle & Pistol){PGtA:80}, Scum{PGtA:81}, Track
2 Ranger 2 Rapid Shot
3 Fighter 1 Two Weapon Fighting Combat Expertise, Hit & Run Tactics {DotU:58}
4 Fighter 2 Improved Disarm
5 Ranger 3 Combat Reflexes Endurance
6 Champion of the Wild 4 Distracting Attack {PHB2:55},Improved Two Weapon Fighting {CC:50}
7 Weapon Savant 1 {PGtA:257} Mage Slayer{CA} Total Weapon Proficiency, Deflect Attack +1
8 Weapon Savant 2 Total Finesse, Improvised Weapons
9 Weapon Savant 3 Double Hit{MH:25} Expert Strike, Deflect Attack +2
10 Weapon Savant 4 Close Combat Fighting
11 Weapon Savant 5 Weapon Focus Many Blades Many Methods, Deflect Attack +3
12 Hand, Blade, & Mind 1 {PGtA:214} Canny Defense
13 Hand, Blade, & Mind 2 Greater Two Weapon Fighting Parry
14 Hand, Blade, & Mind 3 Improved Quick Draw, Pressing Attack
15 Sword That Believes 1 {PGtA:214} Blind Fighting
16 Sword That Believes 2 Impeccable Expertise
17 Sword That Believes 3 Riposte A Thousand Cuts, Instinctual Defense
18 Sword That Believes 4 Strike without Thought
19 Sword That Believes 5 Balanced Blades{PGtA} or Oversized Two Weapon Fighting{CA} Flowing Sand, Mighty Swing