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Ishmael Saukendar operated a prosperous export business between the Westlands and Altheria. He had many bastard children but no wives in his house in Altheria. Kweto was the eldest of the bastards, born to Eshe who was one of the master's maids.
Master Saukendar taught his children the sword as soon as they could walk. When Kweto was 5 years old the master disappeared and his factor in Althre was ordered to close up the house and dissolve the business within the year. All the house staff was put out and jobs were not to be found. Eshe ended up caring for all Saukendar's bastards but odd jobs never put enough bread on the table. Kweto and the others started running with the district gang to pick pocket some extra money.


  • Full name: Kweto Lucullus
  • Birth date:
  • Birth order (eldest, second, youngest, etc.): Eldest. Had two half-siblings. One died of sickness and the other was stabbed to death in a brawl.
  • Parents (or Guardian) and parent’s occupations as well as additional family information: He remembers his father was a merchant who was abducted when he was 5. He was an acknowledged bastard of his mother the maid. She turned to prostitution after the estate was closed.
  • Major childhood influences, traumas, events, emotional wounds: Grew up running with street gangs.
  • Talents: Unconventional, used to putting the tools at hand into action.
  • Flaws, vulnerabilities: Overindulgent. Will spend his money on wine, women, and poppy unless he has his eye on a weapon.
  • Strengths: Survivalist. Always cachets some supplies and willing to murder witnesses and then flee.
  • Religious affiliation/Patron Diety: Althares-born again convert from his time in the Shining Patrol.
  • Attitudes, personality type-introvert or extrovert, optimist or pessimist: Doesn't like to lead since he was arrested and sentenced to military service. Happy to be the strong left hand.
  • Primary relationships, marital status and capacity for intimacy: Women are a means of acquiring status.
  • Occupation: Thug
  • Education: Gangland
  • Taste in clothes: Loose layered clothing to help hide weapons.
  • Food preferences: Will not turn down food
  • Health habits: Poor, tends to forget he has amenities available
  • Recreation activities or hobbies: Military history and weapons collector. Often writes into his contract that all liberated weapons are his. Obsessive collector who tells everybody, including himself, that his collection is his retirement fund. Will never actually sell any weapon in his collection.
  • Pets: Never had one but admires vicious animals.
  • Favorite possessions: Collection
  • Mannerisms, expressions, gestures:
  • Worst physical trait: Heavy scarring on his back from military discipline. Going bald.
  • Best physical trait: Tall
  • Reason he or she is motivated: Learning about new weapons and finding out more about his father.
  • 2 Enemies: Ahimba-Rival gang leader
  • 2 Friends: Lucullus-File leader in the Shining Patrol. Got him out alive even though he was told,"not to let that scum return to New Althre alive".
  • Reactions under stress: Throw something, darts or lawn bowling is very calming.
  • Lifestyle (poor, moderate, rich, luxury): Poor
  • Goals, long and short term: Master every weapon. Acquire license to carry flintlocks. Find out more aboout his father. Pilate a Shield spell.


Kweto was approaching his patrol marker more carefully than he normally would. He thought it would be impious to be killed at the end of his conscription. Though he had hated being forced into the Shining Patrol, Kweto had become a far different man in File Leader Lucullus's unit than any in New Althres would have expected. He would have forsaken his birthname for Lucullus except for the confusion it would have caused in the field. Since he didn't plan to stay in New Althre except for a quick visit to his mother he would become student Lucullus when he arrived at the seminary in Taelsand.
He had spent his first year on point after basic and was near to slitting some throats before some scaly bastard wiped out his file with some flaming spell. After coming out of the hospital Lucullus' file was a relief. Point was rotated and since all the rest were veterans from the legions it was like reentering basic. Those mothering bastards really brought him to the knowledge of Althares with there interest in captured scaly supplies. Lucullus' legionaries found relics and rare items amongst the loot and by trading with other units. Then they would sell it all back to some collectors they knew in the empire.
When he sent back his third item of his own collection along with some of his pay to his mother was when got a real surprise. Eshe had kept his father's sword and sent it back to him. He had sweated out a few months on extra duty to get Aceldama gun-hilted so no one else would recognize its craftsmanship. He had learned so much about antiquities and history that those 7 years on the street seemed but a flicker. It seemed more fascinating to make the connections in history with his father's Kio heritage than the slums of Althres.
Then he heard the click as Lucullus fired and rose behind him. "Strip out of that Patrol gear or the next shot will blow your head into Coryan!"' as Lucullus kept a pistol pointed at me. "Put it in there", he continued as he threw a bloody sack at my feet,"All that pig butchery should prove your death to the Patrol section. Hurry or I will shoot. Seems your conscription was supposed to be fatal. We aren't far from the border and I brought you some supplies to get you there. Circle round to where I am and you can dig it out of that bush after I'm gone."
Tacked to a leaded case amongst the supplies was a scroll that I didn't have time to read until I made camp at moonrise with the Coryan-Altherian border behind me. I had no idea what I would do in Coryan but I hoped that scroll and case might give me a clue. The plumbatta in the supplies were enough to hunt with but there were no flintlocks to defend myself.
The judge who sentenced you also passed along orders that you were to be used as fodder and never live out your conscription. Orders got misplaced when you transferred from the hospital to my file. Finally caught up with you a month ago and it took me some time to arrange your death. Don't open the case unless no witness is about before you lead it back up. That gun hilt is a death sentence outside of Althares.
I made inquiries about Aceldama's value and a swordsman in City X was interested in meeting its owner. I'm keeping your escurro shield in trade for the information since you couldn't carry it anyway. Even rehilted that sword was hard to let pass but I waterproofed the case to make sure it stays valuable. Imris Alwahani in City X should give value for it if you have real need of coin.
Don't return to Altheria unless you feel like leaping into Beltine's cauldron. We'll take care of you mother. Thanks for Ravos. Lucullus Sestius Cutnose
I've been heading north from there thinking about what I want to learn about my father's sword. Until I was set upon the road two nights ago and had to leave what I couldn't grab to keep my head attached. Althares says there is a purpose for all knowledge. Seems like its back to purse slitting and fat-head cudgeling for me. Hope I'm near a respectable city soon.