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Star lightning
Born into the merchant house of Lundbris, the birth of Heidl Lundbris took place the night of a great storm. During the storm falling stars fell into the fields of the Lundbris estates. The damaged fields were seen as the storm lord’s disfavor on the family. The child was immediately given into the service of the temple of Hurrian, the storm lord, to appease the perceived slight the god may have experienced by the family. She learned metal working, astronomy, the healing arts, and was about to be handed into marriage to a local noble who would give a handsome dowry to the Lundbris in the form of shipping lanes and tariff free ports along the coast. The night before her wedding to the young lord Heidl awoke from a nightmare.
Three years after her birth, her only baby brother Petr was born. His tainted blood marked him as a Dark kin. Heidl protected her baby brother from the other bullies who made fun of the strange reptilian looking boy. Heidl had gone to the church oracle and asked about her brother. What line would cause her brother to surface so horribly? Turns out both her and her brother come from the line of Shidan Lung, the demon shadow dragon lord of the infernal scouts. Apparently he had reached forth into the material plane some time ago from his Keep in the Shadow Plane to set forth a chain of events that would allow him to expand his domain and titles. Apparently only her brother, a male deserved the attention of the Shadow Dragon. So in balance the female child was given onto the stars themselves, Hurrian’s will was to forge a star from the storm. Her Dar Kin traits were suppressed and her soul touched by starlight. To balance out the darkness of her brother’s life. She was not the only to gain knowledge of this knowledge, a group of adventurers hired by the mother church also found this knowledge out as part of a hidden inquisition foretelling the fall of the Wall of Gods.

Thus she awoke and rode hard into town to see the village gathered in the center at judgment square. Her brother Petr was tied to a stake and screaming for help as fire burned his body. Dwarven guards and church officials guarded the scene, and handed to her father a spear. Her father took the spear and plunged it into the boy’s chest, ending his torment. Her soon to be noble husband stood with a torch in his hand next to her family as the watch the body of Petr burn to a crisp. A priest of Hurrian rode up behind her, seeing the act of the family. “Lightning’s breath” was the only words he could issue at the sight. Heidl rode forward to the mob. She didn’t utter a word when she threw the noble’s wedding ring into the pyre. As she turned to the priest of Hurrian, she whispered, “Today I die here on my brother’s body."

“No Child, today Heidl Lundbris died at her brother’s side. Today Starlet was born from flame and thunder, stars and lightning. You crafted a holy symbol from the star metal you collected from your former home. Will you stand by the edicts of Hurrian and protect those who live in the dark. Will shine for them with your faith?”

If you agree to this, then I will give you the gauntlet Madelyn. Attach your holy symbol to it and be known as Hurrian’s Star.”