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  • Buff/Debuff: These spells either grants bonuses to allies or give penalties to foes
  • Attack: These spells deal damage to foes
  • Battlefield Control: These spells impede foes actions or movement
  • Utility: These spells solve specific issues, like delaying poison or granting movement
  • Other: Spells not categorized above fall into this category

Second level spells

Align Fang: Only useful if a foe has DR based on alignment
Animalistic PowerPH2: Bonus to Str, Dex, and Con. Duration is altered to 1 hour per caster level.
Barkskin: Adds to an ally's AC.
Bear's Endurance: Bonus to Con. Duration is altered to 1 hour per caster level.
Bull's Strength: Bonus to Str. Duration is altered to 1 hour per caster level.
Cat's Grace: Bonus to Dex. Duration is altered to 1 hour per caster level.
Owl's Wisdom: Bonus to Wis. Duration is altered to 1 hour per caster level.
Creeping ColdSpC: Single target
DecompositionSpC: Not a direct damage dealer, but makes a foe bleed more each round
Flaming Sphere: Creates a sphere of fire that can roll over enemies.
Frost BreathSpC: Cone of cold will hit many enemies
SaltraySpC: No save against damage if you hit with a ranged touch attack, but there is a save against the secondary effect
SplinterboltSpC: No save, but a ranged attack (normal, not touch) is req'd
Winter's EmbraceSpC: Damage every round
Wracking TouchSpC
Battlefield Control
Body of the SunSpC: Fire aura that can be used to herd enemies
Briar WebSpC: Area has half movement and take damage as they walk thru it. Applies to allies and foes.
KelpstrandSpC: Throw kelp that may grapple opponents
Camouflage, massSpC: Allies gain bonuses to Hide
Easy TrailSpC: Makes traveling thru difficult terrain easier
Snake's Swiftness, MassSpC: Grant all allies in a 20' radius a free attack
Spiderclimb: Grants the ability to climb walls

First level spells

Magic Fang: Will grant a bonus to your natural attacks
Produce Flame: Throw or melee with balls of fire
SandblastSpC: Deals nonlethal damage
Winter ChillSpC: Cold damage and fatigue
Battlefield Control
Entangle: Traps foes but only when plants exist in the area
Faerie Fire: Illuminates foes, preventing them from hiding
Obscuring Mist: Creates an area that allies and foes cannot see in
Snake's SwiftnessSpC: Grant a single ally a free attack
ThundercloudSpC: Storm cloud hangs above foe, shocking them each round
Wall of SmokeSpC: Walking thru the wall nauseates
Cure Light Wounds: Heals damage, swift action to cast, d6 instead of d8
LongstriderSpC: Grants +10' movement
UpdraftSpC: Swift action to fly into the air and move 5'