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Playable Classes

All base classes from WotC sources are available for play unless listed in Denied Classes below. All psionic classes use the Expanded Psionics Handbook version.

The following base classes from the Arcanis books are available for play.

  • Altherian ArtificerMagic of Arcanis: Blend of arcane caster and craftsman.
  • Hedge Mage Magic of Arcanis: Backwoods people who have a blend of divine and arcane blessings
  • Holy ChampionPGtA: Warrior of their god.
  • Occisor Psionics Unbound: Shadowy soulknife for the Legion of the Creeping Asp
  • Rhi'zen Psionics Unbound Noble psionic duelist
  • PatricianPGtA: Nobility
  • PriestPGtA: Similar to cleric, but less combat oriented.
  • Shaman Magic of Arcanis
  • Spellblade Magic of Arcanis: Blend of arcane caster and fighter
  • Suromar (Psihunter) Magic of Arcanis: Elorii psihunter
  • Warder Magic of Arcanis: Elorii homeland defender


For all playable classes
Modified per Players Guide to Arcanis unless noted otherwise.
Skill modifications from Players Guide to Arcanis are removed unless noted otherwise.
Fractional Bonuses for BAB & saves.
All arcane casters
The Sorcerer King of Ymandragore hunts all arcane casters. Displaying one’s arcane magical skills openly or in a public setting is a sure way to end one’s career early.
Undead Intuition (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, a cleric can identify undead creatures during an encounter from any distance. The cleric gains a +2 bonus on Knowledge (religion) checks to identify undead creatures. Moreover, the cleric can make these Knowledge (undead) checks untrained. This bonus increases by +1 for each cleric level the character takes after 2nd level. (Modified from Source.)
Each cleric has deity specific changes, see Players Guide to Arcanis.
Cleric's who change faith become multiclass cleric/cleric, losing the domains of the original god. See PGtA, p336 for more information.
Dread Necromancer
See changes to their spell list.
A fighter may choose to have a strong reflex save instead of fortitude.
A fighter gets one extra skill point per level that must be placed into a craft or profession skill.
This is identical to Daryl's fix.
Is now a spontaneous caster and no longer memorizes spells.
Additional changes can be discussed.
Access to Military feats required.
Access to Military feats required.
Every monk belongs to a monastery, which modified the class. See Players Guide to Arcanis for details.
Full BAB
Since the deities of Arcanis have no alignment, Paladin has deity specific changes, see Players Guide to Arcanis.
Psionic variant of spellthief.
Remove Trapfinding ability (This is waived for Frank's PC.)
A sorcerer receives one of the following feats as a bonus feat at second level: Eschew Materials, Arcane Disciple, or any of the "Bloodline/Heritage" paths (draconic, celestial, fey, aberration, etc), including ones that require Sorceror 1st as a prerequisite.
This differs from Daryl's fix in that any bloodline/heritage feat may be taken at second level.
Sorcerer does not gain Eschew Materials at 1st level, as stated in the Players Guide to Arcanis.
Levels in Soulknife count as levels of fighter for Weapon Specialization, and Greater Weapon Specialization.
Hunted. See "All arcane casters" above.
Access to Military feats required.

Denied Classes

  • Duskblade is replaced with the campaign-specific Spellblade
  • Dragon Shaman & Dragonfire Adept do not fit the setting
  • Favored Soul. The gods are distant from man, though the right story/character could open this up
  • Crusader, Swordsage, Warblade from Tome of Battle
  • Incarnate, Soulborn, Totemist from Magic of Incarnum

Custom Base Classes

Ideas for custom base classes are welcome and can be discussed.

Class Features

Instead of gaining a familiar, classes that grant one instead grant the feat Obtain Familiar from Complete Arcane. Alternately an Item Familiar may be taken but this ability is delayed until 3rd level.
A familiar from Obtain Familiar grants special abilities to its master (a sorcerer or wizard), as given in the list below. These special abilities apply only when the master and familiar are within 1 mile of each other. Pick a tiny animal from the list of approved animals (either in the PHB or on the Alternate Familiars page) and select one of the following benefits: +3 bonus to a single skill, +2 bonus to Reflex, Fortitude, or Will saves, or +3 hit points.