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I'm fairly permissive. If it's not commented on, present it for discussion. Particularly abusive feat combinations should be avoided.

Download a PDF of Arcanis feats

WotC Books
Reviewed here
Players Guide to Arcanis
All permitted, except feats listed under Removed from Play below.
Psionics Unbound
All permitted
Any feat that is also printed in the Expanded Psionics Handbook will use the XPH version.
Races of Eberron
Path of Shadows, p110
Dancing with Shadows, p117

Removed from Play

Players Guide to Arcanis
Empower Blood: Too powerful, even after errata
Improved Snatch: Dislike adding another mechanic for grabbing things
Judge of Character: Automatic 20 on Sense Motive
Skill Focus, Greater: +10 bonus to a skill is too high
Magic of Arcanis
Elemental Precision: Mechanics issues