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Favored Class
When you take a level in the favored class for your race you gain either +1 hp or +1 skill point at the player's discretion. This decision is made every time a new level is taken.
Alternate favored base classes can be discussed.

Playable races

All are from The Players Guide to Arcanis

These unfortunate souls have the misfortune of bearing a recessive bloodline that appears once every so many generations. Some type of infernal creature founded this bloodline during the Time of Terror many years ago, but once there, the infernal taint is nearly impossible to remove. Scorned by most people, the majority of dark-kin simply try their best to make their way in the world. Some fight against their infernal heritage, while others embrace the darkness within.
Dwarf (Must select subrace)
Dwarves were once the Celestial Giants, great beings who swore an oath to protect humanity, the children of Illiir. They violated this oath, deposing the Pantheon of Man and commanding the humans to worship them as gods instead. As punishment for their transgressions, Illiir cursed these giants. Forever would they stand shorter than humans, forever would they be barred from the afterlife and the cycle of rebirth, and forever would their souls be tied to the Heart Stone that rests in the statue of each enclave’s founder. However, Sarish took pity on the fallen giants and offered them a way to lift the curse. If an enclave manages to craft the “perfect item,” their curse will be lifted.
Solani The dwarves of Solanos Mor have a reputation as some of the most noble and self-sacrificing among all the dwarves.
Encali Encali dwarves have a reputation of being unscrupulous and untrustworthy, like most other worshipers of Sarish.
Tir Betoqi Although these dwarves seek to avoid recognition for any of their many good deeds, they have still gained a reputation as some of the most noble, honorable, and self sacrificing of all the dwarves.
Nol Dappan Nol Dappan Dwarves have developed reputations as some of the most savage and barbaric examples the dwarves have to offer.
Tultipetan Tultipetan Dwarves are some of the most honest and open of all their kin, yet they are often viewed with fear or suspicion due to their habit of covering their bodies in mystical tattoos.
Elorii (Must select subrace)
Ancient Elorii tales, told by those who have lived for thousands upon thousands of years, say that the Life-Goddess Belisarda united with the four great Elemental Lords to create a slave-race for the Ssethregoran Empire. This race would die of no natural causes, would need no sleep, and would perfectly serve their Ssethregoran masters. This race was called the Elorii. The Elorii served their Ssaanu masters for untold years, enforcing their cruel will upon Onara, slaughtering entire races at the behest of their makers. But over time, the Elorii began to chafe against their cruel and evil lords. Finally, they overthrew the Ssethregorans in a bloody rebellion. The Elorii Empire that rose from ashes reigned for nearly two thousand years. Then came man and his honorless Gods, destroying the sacred Elemental Lords and forcing the Elorii to retreat to the forests. Since that time, the Elorii have been waiting, fueled by the prophecies of Belisarda, secure in the knowledge that their time has not yet passed. Their time for vengeance will come.
Marokene Elorii, “Earth Elorii” The Mârokene are descended from the Earth God, Mârok, and are typically the most stout of the Elorii.
Osalikene Elorii, “Wind Elorii” The Osalikene are descended from the Wind God Osalían. They tend to be lithe and slightly taller than other Elorii.
Kelekene Elorii, “Fire Elorii” The Kelekene are descended from Keleos, the Fire God. These Elorii are slightly more compact than their brethren, though not as stout as the Mârokene.
Berokene Elorii, “Water Elorii” The Berokene are descended from the Water Goddess, Beröe. Often viewed as the most graceful Elorii, they move with a fluidity that clearly mirrors the waters from whence they were born.
Ardakene Elorii, “Life Elorii” Most rare of all Elorii are the Ardakene. These Elorii are descended directly from the Goddess of Life, Belisarda. Ardakene lack the physical prowess of most Elorii, but they make up for this shortcoming with their insight and force of personality. Ardakene may not be used as a player race.
The gnome is the most tragic and reviled race on Onara. While the dwarves were cursed for their transgressions, gnomes are cursed simply for being born. A gnome is the result of a mating between a human and a dwarf. The curse of the dwarves is cruelly transformed when passed to them causing severe deformities. Inferior in almost every way to either parent, gnomes are sad, twisted, pitiable little creatures. However, what they lack in looks or stamina, gnomes make up for in tenacity. They have become tough through abuse, clever though necessity, and survivors by choice.
Half-hobgoblins generally arise from a brief and tormented liaison between a hobgoblin and a human. Since the hobgoblin presence in Onara is somewhat less widespread than that of orcs, half-hobgoblins are extremely rare.
May not be Sorcerers
In the wilds of Onara, there are roving bands of orcs that exist as small hunter/gatherer tribes, bandits, raiders, or mercenaries. Though it is rare for an orc and a human to have relations, it does occur. Normally these relationships are forced. When not forced, the cultural differences are so great that most of these tragic affairs are doomed from the start. Thus, many half-orcs are raised without one or both of their parents.
The humans came to Onara in ancient times, supplanting the great Elorii Empire and quickly proving themselves tenacious and adaptable. With the exceptions of the Elorii Nations, the Dwarven Enclaves, and the Ssethregoran Empire, humans are in the majority in every other known region of Onara. Since the human population is so widespread, they have a near infinite amount of variations in their motivations and personalities.
May not be Sorcerers
Ss’ressen (Must select clutch)
Ss’ressen are a sub-race of Ssethregorans, often used as slave masters or as elite shock troops by the serpentine empire. One of the mightiest tribes of ss’ressen, known as the Black Talon Egg Clutch, rankled under the decadent evils of the empire and fled their lands, settling in the swamps of Milandir. Since that time, the Black Talons have had a splinter group of their own members migrate north to the Spine of Nier near Lowach, where they still live today.
Note: Only females may be divine casters and only males may be arcane casters
Black Talon Egg Clutch “Thulluss” or Ashen Hide Egg Clutch “Terdiss”
Val (Must select family)
Sometime after the God’s War, the Gods, in their wisdom, sent their Valinor to infuse their essence into their most faithful human families, thus founding a race of beings touched by divine essence, the Val. With powers from the Gods that breed true through the generations, the Val are tasked with the leadership and protection of humanity.
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