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Slush Notes

NOTE: Please strike your name when you claim an item or gold from the list and add it to your logsheet so that we know you have taken your share. If there are deductions in the Slush GP, please note what for. This is just for tight bookkeeping.

If you want something designated as selling, mark it as such. If the item feels like like excess, the group can ask you to pay in it's sell price to the group to share. This is mostly so Kweto doesn't take every weapon (crazy bastard).

5194.02 GP

Slush fund items

  • Ansleigh's Wound Seal (4) Upon application it converts 1d6 lethal damage to nonlethal. One minute later it heals 1d3+2 damage and requires a Fort DC14 or lose 1d3 Wisdom.
  • Incense of Focus Standard action to light, 30' radius, all inside gain +2 on Will saves vs mind-effecting effects.
  • Map of a portion of a city-sized dungeon

Non-material Goods and Services for the group

These typically stay in the slush.

  • Favor of the Church of Hurrian in Enpebyn: Divine spellcasting cost are waived for (Belos, Kweto, Diantha, Jayvin, Mauritius) in the city of Enpebyn, though costly material components will still need to be furnished.
  • Light Horse (2) - Used for carrying equipment. One each to Iskander and Vicente.

Unclaimed Goods

  • Longsword
  • Backpack (2gp/2#)
    • Flint & Steel
    • Torch (1) (1#)

Loot from Sessions

This is where discussions on claims and identifying should take place.

Session 15

Black Company secret room
Tome in an undecipherable language (uses unknown characters, has charts, and tentacled creature illustrations)
Sextant-like device (magical) ID will be covered in session

Session 17 (and backlog)

4440.6 GP to Belos, Jayvin, Kweto, and Siyrt
2220.3 to slush
"Purple Worm" - Jayvin

Session 18

350 GP to Jayvin, Belos, Kweto, and Siyrt
Bastard Sword +2 -->KL might need this. Don't know.
Bastard Sword +1
Mother of Pearl Naga Statue (estimated value 1100gp) Saving for Seth' lands
Barrel of dried beef
Runes (Scrolls)
Wall of Ice
Invisbility (×2)

Do these sell for standard scroll cost or is it special because they are runes?

Runes sell for standard scroll cost. Being a rune is just flavor. --Randy (Talk) 21:13, 2 March 2010 (UTC)