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The Hawk and Shield

The Coryani empire is fracturing under a touched Emperor and the never-seen Sorcerer-King of Ymandragore has started to feverishly hunt and capture more of the gifted arcane casters from his island prison. The Sanctorum of the Arcane fights back, but struggles internally between two major factions—the Hawk, a group that seeks to confront the Sorceror King directly; and the Shield, a group that seeks to hide the gifted and starve out the Sorceror King.

The first game day for the Hawk and the Shield will be Sunday, 10 May from noon until 5 p.m. at my apartment in Bellevue. We will play on alternate Sundays. Game time may be modified based on bus schedule and preferences.

Rules for the new campaign will be released on Friday, 01 May. We will be playing in the Arcanis campaign setting and some alternate rules will be used. Please refrain from spending too much time character building without them.

Players are Daryl, Frank, Eric, Mike, Bill, Carrie, and Matt. The table is now full.

Quick and dirty info on the setting

Arcanis info on Wikipedia
An Arcanis Wiki. Lots of good info with a little more detail than the above link.