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Boy Refresh 3

Boy poodle.jpg

High Concept: Man's Best Fiend
Trouble: Bone to Pick with Everyone, was Bone to Pick (The Dramatic temperament of Poodles means he has a tendency to collect archnemeses)

Aspect: Canis Familiar (Often offers his 'services' to unsuspecting practitioners)
Aspect: Terrorize the weak, was Terriorizer (Fear, whether absolute terror or subtle dread, is a particular topic of interest to Boy)
Aspect: Cute as Hell (Because he's an itty bitty toy demon poodle)

Recap Aspect: Felicia's scent is stuck in my nose

Stress and Consequences

Stress Boxes 1 [ ] 2 [ ] 3 [ ]

Mild 2 empty
Moderate 4 empty
Severe 6 empty


  • Careful +0
  • Clever +1
  • Flashy +2
  • Forceful +1
  • Quick +2
  • Sneaky +3

Stunts and Extras

Because I'm Cute as Hell, I get +2 to use Flashy Overcome when attempting to charm people with my absurdly adorable Puppy Dog Eyes

Because I'm Canis Familiar, I get +2 to Flashy Create Advantage to help someone perform Magic.

Because I'm a Terriorizer, I get +2 to Sneakily Attack when I'm using magic to mess with someone's mind