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Strength: 1
Dexterity: 3
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 2
Perception: 4
Willpower: 4


Acrobatics: 2
Art: 5
Computers: 1
Crime: 3
Doctor: 0
Driving: 1
Getting Medieval: 0
Gun Fu: 0
Influence: 2
Knowledge: 1
Kung Fu: 2
Languages: 2
Mr. Fix-it: 0
Notice: 3
Occultism: 3
Science: 0
Sports: 0

Language: Pick two


Fear Test: Willpower (doubled)
Consciousness Test: Willpower + Constitution (-1 for every Life Point below zero)
Survival Test: Willpower + Constitution (-1 for every ten Life Points below zero)


Life Points: 22


Spells (Willpower + Occultism + Magic Rank)

Lesser Sensing (Not technically a spell)
Per + Notice + Magic to pick up on magic in the air.
Cardea's Passage (Power Level 1)
A bolt of mystical energy strikes a magical barrier, glamour, illusion, ward, or other active spell barring progress within 50 feet of the caster. If the caster’s spellcasting roll is higher than the spellcasting roll achieved when the target spell was cast, the spell cancels the effect it strikes.
Magical Glamour (Power Level 2)
A glamour makes something appear as other than it is. This is a minor illusion that can fool the senses, but is utterly intangible. To disbelieve the glamour, a character must resist the spellcasting roll with a Willpower + Perception roll. A Magical Glamour lasts one day per Success Level or until dispelled.
Reveal (Power Level 2)
The caster dispels a glamour up to 100 feet away. The caster’s spellcasting roll must exceed the spellcasting roll of the glamour’s caster (if applicable).
Third Eye (Power Level 2)
The recipient’s senses are magnified for one minute per Success Level. He can see everything in the vicinity (within 30 feet) with great clarity—each blade of grass, the colour of each person’s eyes, etcetera—and gains +3 to any Perception- related rolls. If the spellcasting roll achieves five Success Levels, he is able to see through smoke, fog, and darkness. Seven Success Levels allow the beneficiary to see through all glamours and illusions. Eight allows him to pierce invisibility. Finally, nine Success Levels brings clear sight of demons and spirits that are hiding slightly out of phase or possessing someone or something.
Mystical Barrier (Power Level 3)
The caster erects a wall that stops any magical attack. It lasts one Turn per Success Level or until it has absorbed a number of spells with combined Power Levels equal to the Success Levels achieved. The wall is 15 feet wide, 10 feet tall, centred within 50 feet of the caster, and can be slightly curved.
Yellow Disk (Power Level 3, evil)
A two-foot diameter yellow disk appears underneath the feet of a target within 100 feet. Unless he resists the spellcasting roll with a Willpower (doubled) roll, he is unable to lift his feet from the ground, and cannot move for Success Level Turns.
Rectangle of Force (Power Level 4, evil)
The caster conjures a cone-like shining, silvery-black rectangle six feet high and 12 feet across, which flies forward up to 50 feet. Anyone struck takes (Willpower x 2) + (Success Levels x 5) damage and is knocked back five feet per Success Level. Defensive magics used to resist this spell suffer a –1 modifier per cane-bearing caster.


Create a rune, etching, or symbol on a stable, non-fragile surface
Spellcasting roll, followed by Dexterity + Art. Each roll must garner Success Levels equal to the spell's Power Level.
Requires five mins per Power Level
The magician may only have a number of runic items equal to double his Magic Quality levels at one time.
This spell may be primed to activate at a specific time, when a particular creature, species, gets within 10 feet of the rune, or when a specific set of parameters occurs (such as a door opening or a key phrase being spoken). A largish rune (three-foot diameter or greater) on a non-mobile surface may also double the duration of a non-instantaneous spell, or enhance a spell’s effects by two Success Levels. The rune disappears once used. If the rune is marred or destroyed, and the destroyer makes an Intelligence + Occultism roll with a number of Success Levels equal to the Power Level of the spell etched, the spell’s power dissipates harmlessly. If not, the destroyer, if within 30 feet, takes three times the Power Level of the spell in mystical feedback damage (Bash; no armour reduction).

Qualities & Drawbacks

Magic 2
Magical Philosophy (Runic)
Club Member (???) 1
Occult Library 1
Little Book of Klein, contains 4 spells
Bad Luck 1
Adversary 1
Resources -2
Rival 1