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Brew:Face/Abraham Crane

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Strength: 2
Dexterity: 4
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 6
Perception: 4
Willpower: 2


Acrobatics: 2
Art: 4
Computers: 0
Crime: 0
Doctor: 0
Driving: 2
Getting Medieval: 0
Gun Fu: 0
Influence: 2
Knowledge: 2
Kung Fu: 0
Languages: 1
Mr. Fix-it: 2
Notice: 2
Occultism: 6
Science: 1
Sports: 0
Wildcard (Barista): 2


Life Points: 35
Drama Points: 15
Experience Points: 0


-1 penalty when personal social skills are pre-eminent
Contacts (Community [2], Paranet [3])
The community will lend a reliable hand, while the Paranet will go further to help.
Eidetic Memory (1)
Remember up to three images or frames indefinitely
Hard to Kill (3)
+3 to Survival Tests
Psychic Visions
Occult Library (Fine)
The character has a modest occult library with several books on assorted esoteric subjects. No bonus is gained for occult research rolls, but the various tomes hold 7-16 (D10 + 6) spells, six of which are known by the arcane owner straight away.
+1 bonus to Fear tests
When presented with an opportunity to learn something supernatural—stopping to gather a few ancient scrolls as the temple starts to collapse, for instance—they must do so absent a Willpower (doubled) roll with penalties of –1 to –5, depending on how valuable the find.


Mental Problem (Severe Obsession [latest project])
Rival (2 [Main stream coffee shop])
Obligation (Important [Manager of Brewed Awakening])


Fear Test: +5
Consciousness Test: +4 (-1 for every Life Point below zero)
Survival Test: +7 (-1 for every ten Life Points below zero)


Dodge: +6


Occult Research: +12
Knowledge Research: +8
Decipher Script: +7