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Strength: 3
Dexterity: 2
Constitution: 2
Intelligence: 5
Perception: 5
Willpower: 3


Acrobatics: 2
Art: 0
Computers: 5
Crime: 3
Doctor: 0
Driving: 0
Getting Medieval: 1
Gun Fu: 0
Influence: 2
Knowledge: 3
Kung Fu: 0
Languages: 0
Mr. Fix-it: 1
Notice: 1
Occultism: 1
Science: 1
Sports: 0
Wildcard (Primal Computing): 4


Life Points: 36
Endurance: 29
Essence: 20
Drama Points: 4


Perception + Primal Computing
Add a +1 to any lockpicking, hacking, or escaping (things like bonds, not running away) for each Success Level
Dissolve Magic
Willpower + Primal Computing
If Success Levels of this test equal or exceed the spell or effect, then it is undone. This may be used as a defensive action.
Minor Illusion
Perception + Primal Computing
This power creates an illusion to fool all the senses. It is not solid, however, and anything that inflicts over one point of damage shatters it. Simple things (inanimate objects) require only one Success Level in a Willpower and Primal Skill Task. Moving illusions require two Success Levels, and lifelike illusions (animals or people) require at least four Success Levels to be believable. People resist with Simple Perception Tests or Perception and Notice Tasks, with any sensory bonuses or penalties involved.

Fear Test: Willpower (doubled)
Consciousness Test: Willpower + Constitution (-1 for every Life Point below zero)
Survival Test: Willpower + Constitution (-1 for every ten Life Points below zero)

Qualities & Drawbacks

Hard to Kill ×2