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Character creation is a group process for Brewed Awakening. This page lists a few of the mechanical points for reference during that process.

Approaches, not Skills

This game makes use of the Fate Accelerated approaches. Approaches are descriptions of how you accomplish tasks.

  • Careful: A Careful action is when you pay close attention to detail and take your time to do the job right. Lining up a long-range arrow shot. Attentively standing watch. Disarming a bank’s alarm system.
  • Clever: A Clever action requires that you think fast, solve problems, or account for complex variables. Finding the weakness in an enemy swordsman’s style. Finding the weak point in a fortress wall. Fixing a computer.
  • Flashy: A Flashy action draws attention to you; it’s full of style and panache. Delivering an inspiring speech to your army. Embarrassing your opponent in a duel. Producing a magical fireworks display.
  • Forceful: A Forceful action isn’t subtle—it’s brute strength. Wrestling a bear. Staring down a thug. Casting a big, powerful magic spell.
  • Quick: A Quick action requires that you move quickly and with dexterity. Dodging an arrow. Getting in the first punch. Disarming a bomb as it ticks 3… 2… 1…
  • Sneaky: A Sneaky action is done with an emphasis on misdirection, stealth, or deceit. Talking your way out of getting arrested. Picking a pocket. Feinting in a sword fight.

Choose one (1) at Good (+3), two (2) at Fair (+2), two (2) at Average (+1), and one (1) at Mediocre (+0).


Everyone gets three (3) stunts. Extra reading about stunts can be found on the FAE stunts page.

Here are some stunt templates. As the group gains comfort with Fate stunts can vary from these formats.

Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit of gear, or are otherwise awesome], I get a +2 when I [pick one: Carefully, Cleverly, Flashily, Forcefully, Quickly, Sneakily][pick one: attack, defend, create advantages, overcome] when [describe a circumstance].

Because I [describe some way that you are exceptional, have a cool bit of gear, or are otherwise awesome], once per game session I can [describe something cool you can do].


Read more here.

At the end of each Session (Minor Milestone)

  • Switch the ratings of any two approaches.
  • Rename one aspect that isn’t your high concept.
  • Exchange one stunt for a different stunt.
  • Choose a new stunt (and adjust your refresh, if you already have three stunts).
  • After filling in the session recap the DM will assign you a Recap Aspect. These are fragile aspects with one free invoke that can be used anytime during the current episode. The last session of an episode doesn't grant a Recap Aspect (because you get better bonuses!).

At the end of each Episode (Significant Milestone)

  • As minor milestone above
  • Raise the bonus of one approach by one, to the current level cap, which is +3.
    • Occasionally the approach bonus mentioned above may be swapped out for another bonus. The reason is that we have 3 seasons of 6 episodes each remaining in the campaign, which would be a grand total of +18 to approaches. This would result in some very high ranks, e.g. +9, +8, +8, +7, +7, and +6.

At the end of each Season (Major Milestone)

  • As significant milestone above
  • Take an additional point of refresh, which you may immediately use to purchase a stunt if you wish.
  • Rename your character’s high concept (optional).