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Brew:Rules/Guns and Out-of-scale Opponents

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One of the important aspects of the campaign is that there are people, creatures, and whatnot that are operating at a level higher than that of the cast. For as powerful as the cast are, they are still vulnerable human college students.

The following rule addresses conflicts that involve guns or entities too powerful for the cast. When such an opponent attacks, the target cast member(s) must make an Overcome roll against a difficulty set to the attacker's result, getting at least a tie, or be taken out.

Since this is an Overcome roll, cast members may decide to succeed at a cost.


James, Brick, and the gang head down into the sewers under campus and encounter the crocodile-headed Egyptian god Sobek. Brick, always willing to throw down starts throwing punches. Sobek responds in kind and Brick finds himself out-matched. Sobek rolls and gets a +5 Superb result. Brick rolls an Overcome action against +5 and gets a total result of +3.

Brick’s player has several choices—chip in a Fate point for a tie which will give Sobek a boost, succeed at a serious cost which would seriously complicate things, or simply get taken out. Brick chips in a Fate point, and Sobek gets a boost against Brick.

Given how potent this is, it won't come up in play very often.