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Success Levels Result
1 Feel the strongest emotions associated with the object in the recent past (one d ay or less), and gain some sensory glimpse of the person feeling that emotion. This is not a full-face portrait though (sorry, the villain doesn't get revealed until the end of the Episode, remember?), but it could be a flash of someone's shoes, the smell of their perfume, the sound of music playing in the background at the time, or some other (more or less) useful clue. This level reveals items that are supernatural in nature.
2 Impressions go back further in time (a w eek or less) and get more precise for more recent (one day or less) events. If the visions are frightening, time for a Fear Test. This level reveals a few vague hints about the potential uses or powers of any supernatural item.
3 Impressions go back one month or less. Can now detect more than one wielder/owner within that time frame if they left a good psychic "imprint" (i.e., felt strong emotions while in contact with the item). Clues are even more plentiful, but they are rarely complete. Events of extreme emotional or magical power can be glimpsed, no matter how long ago they were. This level reveals if an old knife was used to perform a human sacrifice 300 years ago, but would likely not show anything more than a shadowy glimpse of who performed the deed or where it was performed.
4 Impressions go back one year or less. Visions are granted about every owner/wielder of the object or those in contact with it (in the case of a murder weapon, that would include both the killer and the victim if the weapon was a knife or something that had to touch the victim). This level reveals most of the powers and uses of an enchanted item. This level also reveals a bit more information about powerful events that happened many years or centuries before. It would show that a knife was used by a tall vampire to perform a human sacrifice in the ruins of a large church, and might even show a partial glimpse of the victim's face or a general sense of why the sacrifice was being performed.
5-9 Impressions go back between ten to fifty years. The visions are stronger and incredibly detailed. They are also imprinted more firmly in the psychic's mind, and may be revisited at a later time even if the object is not available. Clues from beyond that time are also more complete. These kinds of Success Levels are the most subject to Director whim.
10+ This brings up any scene concerning the item or place in the last century, or at any time if it involved significant supernatural events. These visions may be entered, walked around in, slowed, frozen, or otherwise experienced in full sensory mode as if part of the holodeck. Your Director should withhold only specifically warded or totally plot-destroying information.