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This page lists the types of magic that have been encountered or mentioned in the campaign. Note that this is a starting point not a definitive list. If you have an idea, let's talk about it!

Used in the campaign

Saucerors (aka Pastronomers, Sandwitches, etc.)
Saucerors use food to cast their magic. So far in the game we have seen Briskets of Dimensional Travel and Bagels of Protection.
Fabrimancers are evolved from armor and weaponsmithing magics of ages past. They create clothing with magical effects. We've seen a Snuggie of Protection and Glitter of Blinding in the campaign.
James character is an Alchemist in training and uses it frequently.
Faerie Magic
We haven't seen a whole lot of this, but the cast has encountered faeries of both courts.
This is something that Underscore has been known to use but it hasn't been seen. This type of magic runs contrary to the usual "magic shorts out tech" effect.
Martial Magic
This type of magic enhances the physical efforts of the caster. Brick and the Iranian Ninjas use this form of magic.
Each element is its own type of magic. Becca makes use of air (telekinesis) and fire.
This type of magic was used by Gareth Blackspine, the nerdy druid to animate bushes.

Not mentioned but possible

Modern illusion magic
Mind magic
Skyentists (modern astrologers, divination)
ūüé≤ DM I've mentioned that I really want to feature an NPC Red Necromancer. ::rimshot::