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ūüé≤ DM The Brewed Awakening campaign is no longer using the Cinematic Unisystem rules. This page is kept for archival purposes.

This page is for qualities and drawbacks that are not in the campaign docs.

Classic Unisystem Qualities and Drawbacks

Essence Channeling (Variable Supernatural Quality)

Essence is the Force of Creation. It exists in ‚Äúsolid‚ÄĚ form in all facets of reality, in matter and energy. It is also present in ‚Äúpure‚ÄĚ form, but is invisible to the Mundanes. Pure Essence is present in our minds and souls, in invisible currents in the physical world, and in apparently solid shapes in the Otherworlds, levels of reality most humans only access through dreams or visions. Some among the Gifted have the power to channel Essence, to manipulate it, and project the strength of their souls into the world.

Essence Channeling is purchased in levels. These levels determine how many points of Essence can be gathered in a single Turn. They also determine how many Essence points are recovered every minute. The cost of each level is found in the Essence Channeling Cost Chart. Essence may never be drawn down below zero, and even drawing it down to that level is dangerous.

Levels 1-5: 2 points per level
Levels 6+: 5 points per level

Increased Essence Pool (1/5-point Supernatural Quality [1/2-point after character creation])

While all living beings have Essence, Gifted and supernatural beings have a greater amount. Their connection to the Otherworlds has strengthened their souls, making them living beacons of energy. Having a large Essence Pool is both a blessing and a curse. While Essence can be used to affect the world in many ways, it also attracts the attention of evil and supernatural beings who feed on the Essence of others.

Spending one point during character creation adds five points to the character’s Essence Pool. This can be done multiple times. After character creation, every two Essence Points costs one experience point. This makes it more cost effective to build up Essence when creating the character, representing the relatively slow improvement of the character’s powers during the course of her life. Essence can be purchased after any game session where Essence was used, to indicate a strengthening of the character’s spirit.

Any character with the Gift Quality or belonging to a supernatural race can increase her Essence Pool.

Custom Qualities and Drawbacks

Bluth Family Member (3 point Quality)

The Bluth Family lead excessive lifestyles despite generally being self-centered, incompetent, and dependent on family. Based entirely on the cast of the show Arrested Development.

Taking this quality gains the character the following:

  • Resources (Wealthy +3), Personal wealth of $700,000 in property. Has an income of $40,000 a month.
  • Charisma (1), Charisma measures personal charm, magnetism, and leadership abilities. A character with a positive Charisma is well liked whether beauteous or not. Levels of Charisma are added to any Influence roll (thus, negative levels detract).
  • Club Member (1, Schenley Park Country Club), Character is in good standing with the Schenley Park Country Club, where many of the wealthy of Allegheny City gather to play golf.
    • Contact (1, Schenley Park Country Club) and Obligation (Minimal, Schenley Park Country Club) are also gained.
  • Mental Problems (2), Type of mental problem is selected by the cast member but it must at be at least a two point problem.
  • Obligation (Major) This cast member's life is completely intertwined with that of his family and commonly interferes with daily activities.
  • Emotional Problems (Emotional Dependency), This type is overly dependent on others. Once he makes a friend, he cleaves to him. Such behaviour tends to antagonise those around him.

Nevernude (1 point Drawback)

Someone who is uncomfortable naked, and thus always has some garment of clothing on, even while bathing. Usually jean cutoffs.