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This page has the notes on the world as generated by the players. A checkmark () indicates that the item has been used in the campaign. As the campaign moves forward more items will be integrated.

Assumptions about the world

These are broad assumptions that help us create an alternate modern world. These all will be used but may not prove to be true as written.


Confederate States of America.
The South won their war for independence and it is now known that states may opt to leave the union. The CSA was the last first world power to end slavery, doing so between the World Wars.
Nepon Corp runs nearly every major industry
Political entities control the lives of people
Armies of the world are not fighting country vs country war, the are fighting the occult.
Canada is at war with England
California secedes from the Union and goes bankrupt. Is bought by Texas.
USA is in the midst of an economic depression and most educated people aspire to high-paying jobs in China.
President has no term limits

How the world differs from ours

Bermunda Triangle is real
The explanation is classified info hidden need in the CSA intelligence. A conspiracy group known as the "Triangles" try to get that info.
Family lines track maternally
Traditions involving class structure are female-oriented.
Primary mode of air transportation is blimp.
New age/wiccan movement is hated by the local real occultists.
"Monkeybutt" is commonly used slang.
Facebook/Walmart is a powerful and malicious mega-corp
An asteroid is predicted to come very close to Earth and that will happen in ten months.


Magic and technology don't mix.
Magic as used by people doesn't interact well with modern technological devices.
Honor and tradition are meaningful.
Entities of the supernatural world have a long tradition of honoring agreements. The more power a creature has, the more it is bound by it's word.
Reincarnation is true and it is sometimes possible to actively recall events from your past lives.

Really out there

Six-breasted whores of Orion IV are real
Santa is real and still doing his thing.
The popes are actually vampires
Cloaking devices were developed during WW2 and are functional and available to the public.

Supernatural Historical Events

The following list are things that tie into historical events (loosely).

Carrier pigeons are the result of magical experiments
Ancient wizards created Halloween to piss off creatures of the night
World War 2 was orchestrated by necromancers and the loved it.
The men killed in Gettysburg are undead and some are still around.
Saint Louis arch is a working extra dimensional gate
Trojan horse actually came to life and slaughtered everyone in the city
Three recent heads of state have spontaneously combusted on public TV
1876 centennial event had all it's fires flare up at one time and burned down the main exhibit hall
Money set aside to make the statue of liberty is used to fix the city. Philadelphia goes into debt and is bought/annexed by Allegheny City
Spear of Longinus is real
Controlled by Russians who have not lost a war since acquiring it in the 1700s.
Koran is the result of faerie magic/interference
Dinosaurs were hyper-intelligent and had access to magic
Alien visitor's random meddling causes down syndrome
Most major earthquakes are caused by magic experiments gone out of hand
Chernobyl was caused by a ghost
Wall separating east and west Germany was made by mole people

Places of interest

The campaign will be site-based, but the Executive Producer requested locations of interest around the world from the Actors.

North America

Kokomo, IN, the Vegas of the midwest
Bar Harbor, Maine
Vacation destination supreme—Cleveland, OH
Meanwhile City (Franklyn)
Sin City
Toronto, Canada




Hasslehoff, Germany is culturally significant
Freiburg, Germany
Venice, Italy
(Egypted Me Off storyline counts) Cairo, Egypt
Dublin, Ireland
Vatican City


South Pole
Antarctica's capital is called Archis
Advanced and important research complex in Antarctica
Victoria Falls, Africa

Locations around the city/campus


They Chinese Food! (Run by Russians and is awful)
Let's Chaat (Indian snackfood restaurant)
Jack In the Box


Beer Goggles brewery
The Sticky Buffalo (Dive bar)


Shoes for your feet
Cars for your body
Jet Packs and Cloaking Devices, Limited
Segways! Segways! Segways!
Ray's Gun Store
The Relic (Religious supply store front for occult research)


Church (in big generic letters)
Non-prophet Organization (for atheists)


Walmart arena sports stadium, home of the fightin' Priceslashers
Devito Historical Museum and Salad Bar
Allegheny City Steel Resort Casino
Classic Movies movie theatre
Highpoint House (underground pothead hangout)


CSA Post Office
USPS Post Office
Yellow (major cell phone provider)
Hobo Village in the woods, 30 minutes from campus