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Roll20: https://app.roll20.net/campaigns/details/3835872/a-haunting-at-foxcroft-manor


Set up

You have received and accepted an invitation (posted below) to attend a masquerade dinner held by your good friends Amelia and Bernadette Foxcroft. Amelia and Bernadette are Waterdhavian nobles and have recently completed construction of Foxcroft Manor, a small estate located near Ardeep Forest.

About a year ago your group was asked to deal with a circle of druids who were displeased with the construction of the manor. For taking care of their problem, the couple awarded you with gold and their eternal thanks. Being adventurers and now in good standing with a noble family of Waterdeep, you have found yourselves with plenty of work either provided directly by the family or connections to them. Now that some time has passed, it appears that construction is now complete as they have settled into their home and are ready to accept guests.

The party arrives to the estate a few hours before sunset, bedecked in their masks and carefully chosen costumes.

(Note: We will work out details of how you dealt with the circle of druids during character creation and also work out some jobs the group has done as well. We'll probably use Randy's backstory card system as well.)


The Invitation

Dearest friends,

The pleasure of your company is requested for a masquerade dinner at Foxcroft Manor in celebration of Liar's Night. The event shall be held after sunset on the 30th of Marpenoth. Please join us and other guests for hors d'oeuvres and fine drinks earlier in the evening to mingle and make merry before the main event. Costume and mask will be required for attendance as a competition for best dressed and finest mask will be held among the guests. The winner shall receive a to be disclosed prize that shall be kept a mystery to match the allure of the evening.

Please respond to this invitation with your plans of attendance. We look forward to your arrival at our humble home.

Cordially yours,

Amelia and Bernadette Foxcroft

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