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Played by Randy, Remy, Mallory, Daryl, and Amelia

Cyberpunk Art Therapy

Flaw: Abstinence
Elements: Silence, Swarm, Music, Glass


After they sell something they made, they choose their 'adult name'
(Symbol) Special tattoo (emits sound)
When a person enters "elder" stage (which is something they choose) they start on their "master work". When this master work is completed, they are effectively dead to the community. Many are incomplete.
(Symbol) Museum
The "sabbath" has returned with a vengeance. Every "Sunday" is a rigid quiet, self-reflection, self-improvement day.
(Symbol) Electrorug
Jobs for anyone vs. Jobs for the chosen
(Symbol) is your masterwork
Multidisciplinary works are prized, they are usually created by teams
(Symbol) a copy of the work, digitally signed by the entire team- single contributor works are not prized
Currently not acknowledged bc it's seen as a waste of time; relationships are based on needs and convenience. However, a minority of people feel love but they try to remain hidden bc it's seen as a flaw/weakness.
(Symbol) Hands pressed together opening
Upon one's death (real, physical death), their work is actively hunted for eradication. Most of society goes along with it. (A sect, of course, does not.) Part of grieving is deep examination of the departed's works.
(Symbol) Monthly "burning pyres" where physical work is destroyed. Virtual work is cryptoburned.


Fallen: Anton Ego

  • "Leader", The Keyholder
  • Death. Critic.
  • Anton Ego (he/him)

Pillar: Apophis

  • Friend (Lover)
  • "Computational Quilter"
  • She/her;

Hero: The Doctor

  • Medical Doctor. Death.
  • Grief. Smuggle and free works of art
  • Love without boundaries; "The Doctor"

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