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Played by Randy, Remy, Mallory, and Darred.

Santa's Workshop

Flaw: Classism Elements: Steam, Song, Silence

Outside the workshop, it is endless arctic waste. The workshop is hidden by a magical cloud of steam and fog. Powered by geothermic energy that provides power for the workshop. Closer you get to the core, the most whistling you hear. Lots of singing whether or not the singing is "voluntary". Elf groups who don't sing are penalized.


Power flows to the heads of the most marketable departments with decisions made through a middle-management-ocracy
(Symbol) Elves who display exemplary workmanship (or other such qualifying traits) are given a golden braided cord worn on the outside of the uniform on the right bicep. Elves that give poor performance are required wear jingle bell anklets.
Contrast between Facade and Function- working areas are unpleasant, but do reflect the pecking order- higher value castes get nicer digs
(Symbol) Uniforms reflect station and working.. Elves in public view have multiple sets of uniforms as oppose to common laborers.
Elves who die on the work floor are considered to have died an honorable death.  Dying through illness or other means is a crime, except in old age. Dying of old age is only acceptable in certain, more privileged castes. Debt is passed on to the workshop.
(Symbol) Elves that die honorably their family are presented with a a special wood carved reindeer those who die other ways are sent debt collection missives.
Elves have nicknames in family units, otherwise they are referred to by their caste job, worker number (determined sequentially), and workshop name. EX. Cobbler 108 Soles Department.
(Symbol) Scripted object of art that is kept hidden but ties their True Name to their Family Lineage that goes beyond the history of the workshop
Judgments are based on class. For example if a lower caste member does harm to one of higher class their punishment is more severe than if they harmed someone of the same class. Each workshop has its own system of justice.
(Symbol) The highest managers in a workshop traditionally carry a baccalum- a staff historically used as both a rod of authority and physical punishment, though it's rarely used that way anymore- rarely, painted in candy-cane stripes
Elves need permission from workshop to marry between classes may escalate to Santa.
(Symbol) Couples who marry for love participated in a hand tying ceremony. Both portions of the couple craft a ribbon, and that ribbon is then incorporated in some fashion into their clothing.


Hero: Mrs Claus

Occupation—In charge of the cafeteria
Tradition: Love
Rebellion—Allowing the elves to die with dignity and perhaps a retirement.
Tradition: Death
Identity—Too young for Mr Claus.

Fallen: Ginger Candlefeast, tech bro (iPhone), aka Engineer iPhone 69

Relationship to Hero—Sometimes lover. Brought out this latest Mrs Claus. Got Santa on Tinder
Tradition: Love
Occupation—Internal affairs, but not officially. A Narc.
Tradition; Government
Identity—Tall for an elf. Douchie tech bro. Man bun, beard, and glasses.

Pillar: Fig Goodiedancer

Relationship to Hero—Personal valet to Mrs Claus
Occupation—Keep a registry of the names.
Identity—Elf. Prim and Proper. Woman.

Hero Round Thoughts

  • Dejected about trying to improve the status quo and getting back an infinity worse result.
  • My efforts are futile and nothing I do works.
  • Reflecting on her pre-Santa Life, and recognizes that her main mistake was answering that personal ad

The Downfall

Santa tries to punish Mrs Claus by jingle-belling her. She refuses and in the fracas they wrestle with the glittergun, shooting Santa dead. Fig grabs the gun and shoots Mrs Claus.

  • Factions form, most want a return to the norm, and the debate is over who's on top. The iPhone department has a plan: kidnap a human to make a new Santa Claus- that they control
  • Chaos breaks out on the ice immediately at the death of Mr. and Mrs. Clause. Elves wearing ankle bells quickly group together to overpower and subdue those with golden armbands and take over key workshops as strongholds.
  • Human that is captured dies in surgery. Food becomes very scarce and the reindeer are first consumed then elf cannibalism.

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