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About the Game


  • Godfrey the Imp. Randy
  • Mouse the halfling thief. Jason
  • Octavia the paladin. Heather
  • Bulgr Barrelfist the dwarf cleric. John K.
  • Druidess. Katy
  • Meliandre the Good Elven Bard who spent his time studying the Grand Histories of the Known World at the great Elven Bardic College in the Elven Capital City. Jeremey


We played using the Dungeon World rules.


From Oct 2014 to about Jan 2015.


My notes have holes in them, but this is what I remember... --Wizardoest (Talk) 15:32, 9 February 2015 (EST)

First session

Godfrey: And so it was that Mouse and I were once again working a score and we ran afoul of some trouble. Fortunately we found a group of adventurers with loose morals to mingle with, in the hopes of going unnoticed. Sadly, Freya still found us, and Mouse specifically, as he had not come up with his portion of the profits.

So we, and our new found buddies head out of town, seeking to "help" people by ridding the road of some raiding gnolls. We hitch ourselves to a caravan and head out into the country. Within a few days we are set upon by gnolls. My companions fought bravely while I tried to suss out if the caravan we were guarding had anything worth borrowing. Turns out that I was discovered and the caravan took off without us while the fighting was going on.

We track the gnolls back to their lair and they are surprisingly talkative. Their chieftain, Bright Eyes, falls for Bulgr's claim that he is a prophet of their god Cainus. So we leave him behind.

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