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Jess and Astrid are out of town and I need to do some GMing. --Wizardoest (Talk) 21:38, 3 November 2013 (EST)


The crew of the Nadir, a firefly-class ship has returned from the edge of the 'verse to find work for its crew.

Set in the Firefly 'verse.


Sun, 10 Nov, 11am until 3-4pm.

Location: 7975 Stafford Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46260.

Brad, Tim 2, Ian, Andrew, Tim, Joe
Ankur, Todd


We will be using the Fate Accelerated (FAE) rules, which is a rules light version of Fate Core. Great for pickup games!

Part of the fun of the gameday will be character creation, which will take less than a half hour.

Approaches, not Skills

FAE uses approaches instead of skills. This can seem foreign but I'd like us to give it a go and see how we like/don't like it. Approaches are descriptions of how you accomplish tasks. Everyone has the same six approaches, each with a different rating: Careful, Clever, Flashy, Forceful, Quick, Sneaky

Aspect Creation

Each character will have 3-5 aspects, depending on how many you create.

  • High Concept—this is basically the description of the character, e.g. Paladin to the goddess of home and hearth
  • Trouble—this is some issue that your character has, e.g. I'm so vain, I probably think that bard song is about me
  • Other aspects to round out your character, e.g. Womanizer with taste and standards, The world revolves around me, and Defender of my loved ones and allies.

Aspect creation will be seeded by using the Short Order Heroes cards.

Roles on the ship

Everyone will have a role on the ship. This will most likely be randomly assigned.

  • Captain, Pilot, Computer Expert, Wanted Criminal, Medic, Prostitute, and the Mechanic was unused.


Swearing in foreign languages is encouraged.

The Game


  • [Joe] Marcus Vaugh, trained investigator who is way too smart for his own good. Computer expert.
  • [Brad] Reginald Van Hammersly, a well-cultured affluent socialite who is all thumbs. Doctor.
  • [Andrew] "Shady" John Burns, a hideous youth with connections who is prone to injury. Pilot.
  • [Ian] Reinarch Oppenfier, an unnervingly formulaic aggravator who is a foolishly inquisitive meddler. Captain.
  • [Tim] Dr Smith, Well connected and supplied traveller who will stab everyone in the back. Criminal.
  • [Tim2] Lance Hardwood, a snot-nosed punk who is an unreliable asshole. Prostitute.


The crew has come back from the outer reaches of the black looking for work on the planet Jabberwocky, known for its trade in "flesh services". They land in the Hutt River Port and head to the bar, the Hallucinogenic Mushroom. The 'Shroom has a "malice in wonderland" theme and the crew meets up with Dirk Digler, their contact.

There is a crate on a train that has a smiley face with a bullet hole, and to get possession of that crate Digler is willing to pay handsomely. The train is departing from Mozambique to Man's Head on the Northfork Railway.

The plan is this—Dr Smith will be locked into a crate with the rest of the shipping. Shady and the Captain will be on board the Nadir to meet up with the train when everyone has secured the crate.

In the passenger area of the train, there is a quirk in the plan as there is a full-fledged bachelorette party going on. Things go further awry when a group of soldiers dressed as Teen Titans show up, obviously after the same crate.

After a long fight—and expected Dr Smith failure at betrayal—the crew of the Nadir fend off the Teen Titans and deliver their cargo and earn their cash.

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