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Player Amelia Mallory Randy Remy Steve
Name Evey Cooper (from HR) Skull Fucker Charlie Norman Albert Mann Cutter Oblivion Vance Michaels, Big V
Question Mark I know my purpose? Party-loving? Confident? Lazy? Meticulous?
Main Trait Empath; capable of feeling others' emotion and reflecting her own emotions at others to make them feel them. Augmented Human: basic body mods (enhanced speed, eyesight, some translation capabilities, healing). Side effect of having a very good metablolism. Wizardly Intern. In the olden days they called the role "apprentice". Chronomancer: able to shift the flow of time faster, slower, and in extreme cases in reverse Middle Manager of the undead, raised by an undertaker
Side Trait Conversation Shaper; able to charm others to her side if she talks to them Indimidator. (They freak people out.) Constitution of a bull. Able to work long hours, suffer through berating bosses, and an iron stomach. Bearer of the Gordian Sword, which can cut through any object Skeleton Key Carrier
Trouble Gambler; I struggle to resist playing the odds, even for something small I REALLY like drugs. Overly involved big name wizard family. I need to prove that I'm still young on the inside I try hard to go above and beyond.
Notes/Details/Questions Eye twitches when trying to resist betting on something. Swings between really rich and really broke. #RiseAndGrind #GoodVibesOnly #Blessed Can change eye color on demand. / Has a chromed out left arm and the other has is a sleeve tattoo of a bunch of people in an orgy if you look close. If you stare long enough you'd swear it was moving. / Likes to go naked whenever possible. Super friendly, assumes the best in people. Gives people chances. Knows a lot about the supernatural world. wears an armful of colorful Swatches / the sword is a shining monofilament / wears the latest teen fashions, is like, "63 years young" Oversized Box suit, high school class ring, my key is on a keychain with my BMW keys

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