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Secrets of Cats (Fate)


Ash (played by Christopher)
High Concept: Lakeside Warden
Trouble: Everything’s a Game
Burden: Old Man Fishes’ Family
True Name: Shadow Stalker
Other: Tries to Think Like a Human

Flot (played by John K.)
High concept: Pest Stalker (not like, the Predator :P)
Trouble: Never Really Knowing Where Home Is
Burden: Popular Barn Cat
True Name: Watchful Hunter
Free: Tough As They Come

Koda (played by Mallory)
High Concept: Toy Killer
Trouble: Catnip Got Me Like “Whoa”
Burden: Gamer Homebody
True Name: Heart Stealer
Free: Needle Like Claws

Session 0

  • A giant albino rat was caught stalking around, searching for "the shinies".
  • After losing sapience, the rat was followed across the House Across the River but not before Fuscus, the bat guardian of the bridge, forced Ash to go the long way 'round.
  • The rat was lost in the mines, where Flot was overwhelmed by albino rats and run out of them mines.
  • Flot and Ash decided to head back in and take on the albino rat king. They lost.

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