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Game: Monster of the Week

Concept: You are a member of an elite order of monster hunters known simply as "The Assembly". Set in turn of the century Victorian Era London 10 years after the Jack the Ripper killings. A string of killings eerily mirroring the Ripper murders has begun and your order has been tasked with bringing the murderer to justice by the Queen herself. Intention is 3-5 session.


Roll20: https://app.roll20.net/join/5176939/BsVkJg


Harry Blackstone—The Flake (Randy)
Stage magician monster hunter.
Arthur Mawr—The Divine (Remy)
Reincarnation of King Arthur
Rutledge—The Monstrous (Daryl)
Soldier returned from the war with the Mummy's Curse

Session 0

Session 1

Rules & Resources

Playbooks PDF
The Chosen
Your birth was prophesied. You are the Chosen One, and with your abilities you can save the world. If you fail, all will be destroyed. It all rests on you. Only you.
The Crooked
“Yeah, I’ve been around the block. A bit of this, a bit of that. When I came across the secret under-world of monsters and magic... well... it wasn’t so different from the underworld I already knew. It was easy to find an angle, just like before.”
✅ The Divine
I am the Light, the Sword. I am sent to defend the meek from Darkness. All Evil fears me, for I am its end.
The Expert
I have dedicated my life to the study of the unnatural. I know their habits, their weaknesses. I may not be youngest or strongest, but my knowledge makes me the biggest threat
✅ The Flake
Everything’s connected. But not everyone can see the patterns, and most people don’t even look that hard. But me, I can never stop looking deeper. I can never stop seeing the truth. I spot the patterns. That’s how I found the monsters, and that’s how I help kill them.
The Initiate
Since the dawn of history, we have been the bulwark against Darkness. We know the Evils of the world, and we stand against them so that the mass of humanity need not fear. We are the Flame that cleanses the Shadows.
✅ The Monstrous
I feel the hunger, the lust to destroy. But I fight it: I never give in. I’m not human any more, not really, but I have to protect those who still are. That way I can tell myself I’m different to the other monsters. Sometimes I can even believe it.
🚫 The Mundane
You heard about how monsters only pick on people with crazy powers who can fight back on even terms? Yeah, me neither. But, hell, I ended up in this monster-hunting team so I gotta do what I can, right?
The Professional
It’s kind of strange when your regular 9-to-5 job is to hunt down monsters. Still, that’s the job I took on when I joined this outfit. It pays well, and the benefits are good. Like they say “You don’t have to be crazy to work here, but it sure helps!”
The Spell-Slinger
Fight fire with fire magic.
The Spooky
I can do things, things that normal people can’t. But there’s a price—I haven’t paid it in full, yet, but the bill’s gonna come due soon. It’s best I don’t tell you any more. You get too close, you’ll get hurt.
The Wronged
They took my loved ones. Back then I wasn’t strong enough to fight, but I studied, trained, and now I’m ready to cleanse the world of their taint. I’ll kill them all. That’s all I have left.

Additional Playbooks from the Tome of Mysteries
The Gumshoe
The Hex
The Pararomantic
The Searcher


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